Killer Instinct getting Online Tournaments?

Back at worlds they announced that they wanted to turn KI into an esport and we were left scratching our heads to what that really means

Now they announce that IG guys will be at Halo World Championship. For what we might wonder…

Now News comes out from GDC: “Microsoft announce new Xbox Live tools to allow devs to run their own tournaments”

you can read about that here

KI seems like a perfect Match for this. And its only fitting to announce something esports related at a big esports event.


I’m excited to hear about that.

Seems pretty cool! Seems promising for a Fight Game to take advantage of this.

Yeah I would be surprised if KI doesn’t support this to be honest.

A lot of Microsofts first party IPs like Halo, Gears, Forza, KI would fit very nicely.

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After reading this, I have a few questions for the team working on this and for IG themselves.

  1. Best 2 of 3 and 3 of 5 possible in same bracket?

  2. Viewable matches of the tournament?

  3. Limit on number of players in the tournament?

  4. Viewable online bracket?

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but I’ll have to check this thread when I get to work tonight.

Wow. KI is really changing the way Fighting games are shown. Esports?

KI is going to change the FGC forever!

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As mentioned, ways for fans to view tournaments via their xbox would be great (and live youtube streaming would be a great future feature if xbox one can handle it).

A couple more larger tournamants with KI and a higher prize pools would be great, i think, as well.

Not sure if it can reach Dota, CoD/Halo, or StarCraft 2 levels (no fighting games are in that league in terms of a pro scene) but closer fighting games get, the better.

well lets not go that far yet.

But yes if KI/xbox live tournament thing becomes successful this would be a new step for fighting games

Yeah this would need to have some type of spectator mode to really take off.

It’s great to have online tournaments but if no one can them it kind of defeats the purpose.

I can see KI getting some type of weekly tournament or online qualifiers for lan tourneys.

Going to be interesting to see what comes from this, KI is a great spectator game in my opinion.

This would be great. I’m really missing the 8bit beatdowns maybe this is why we haven’t had any yet.

we need devs to confirm this, but it looks like this will be exciting, to finally fight in an online tournament. Praying my connection holds on for me.

I doubt it. 8BBD is a community thing, and the organizer was/is taking a break. This is an Xbox platform thing, and if IG is taking advantage of this I doubt the 8BBD guys know anything about it.

ya, i find KI is more fun to watch as a spectator than even SF 4 and 5. (although 5 is still new - the style of the game is still SF, of course). MK is a wierd one. it can be fun to watch, but for some reason…its usually not :frowning:

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Agree, last year I tuned into EVO to just to kill time. I remember KI was on and I was immediately drawn into the matches.

The animations, the announcer, the music and sound effects really make every match hype.

You watch other fighting games and it’s completely devoid of that.

Honestly I don’t know why isn’t more popular with playbase and for spectating.

we’ll see if this PC release has any effect on that.

Yeah more of an official tools for devs to use to tap into xbox live a create a structured environment.

sounds very good on paper but lets see how this pans out.

I think a lot of what SFV is doing in this aspect is fairly well done. Lets see if other fighting games can catch up.