Killer Instinct Game Opening Wish!

Hello there guys ! I saw this animation made by a random person, which is a modernized version of the Original Killer Instinct Opener. I wish our current game had something similar !

What do you guys think?

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My first immediate thought, don’t these guys know KI is owned by Rare not Nintendo?

The animated logos look awful. I understand it’s supposed to bring back the feel of KI1 and 2. I just wish they focused on actually modernizing it and not just straight copy animated parts.

Menu looks disgusting from a UI standpoint. Crappy tiny gifs of the logos are out of place and do nothing but make visual noise. The static background isn’t interesting. Altogether, just very… blah.

That looks awful compared to what we have now. The boot screens and the press menu screen we have now are all quite nice. The menus we have are awful though and I’d like a revamp but it’s still better than what’s in that video.

I am not talking about the graphics and quality, I am talking about the theme, as the original, saying the date, video game type, etc. It makes it more sinister

Do you mean the color theme of the Start Screen? If so, yeah the color theme could be decent, but the execution does nothing new with the idea. It reminds me of the way Ultimates were done for the current game, with the black void and “empty” fire effects.

No to the 90’s screen saver pixel drips in the background and the awful looking options menus with typos (galery) colour scheme is ok-ish, though something (not sure what) about it reminds me of UMK3 though which bugs me a little.

I actually wouldn’t take this over what we already have now, call me weird but I kind of like the “Incredible Hulk” colour scheme as it differentiates KI from anything else…aside from maybe the Incredible Hulk or The Joker.


Save it bro we not getting anymore ultimates gotta live with the fact that half the cast has ultimates.

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