Killer Instinct for Windows 10 not launching anymore


Good evening. I’m having issues trying to launch Killer Instinct on my Windows 10 computer and I think I know what happened, but I can’t seem to fix it. I have a 1 TB hard disk with two (visible) partitions: One 100 GB system partition (C:), where Windows 10 and basic apps are installed, and another 831 GB partition (D:), where I store everything else, even the WindowsApps folder where Killer Instinct is installed.

Then one day I had to make a full scan and repair of the HDD using CHKDSK through the command prompt with the parameters /f /r /x (fix, repair and force unmount the drive), making the drive inaccessible while doing so (I started scanning the D: drive first). Once it’s finished, I try to launch Killer Instinct by clicking on the application tile and nothing happens. I go to the Windows Store page of Killer Instinct and there’s an “Install” or “Get the app” button instead of “Open”, even though the game is already installed on my HDD. I click on the button and it starts downloading the whole game again.

Is there something I can do withouth having to redownload the whole game? Any way I can make Windows to recognize the content of the WindowsApps folder in the D: drive again? My internet speed is very slow (< 1 Mbps) and I can’t afford to download the apps/games everytime I have to do a HDD check. The WindowsApps folder is about 31 GB, meaning the game is still there. Killer Instinct is the only native Windows 10 game I have installed there.

Thanks in advance.

If you have another hard disk you can try moving the location of the game.

Win10 Settings > System > Apps & Features > Find Killer Instinct > Select MOVE

If that doesn’t work I’d say your best bet is a re-install. I don’t think you can verify files.

Hmm… for some reason Killer Instinct does not appear on the apps list. I think it cannot be helped, gotta download the whole thing again. My guess is I must run CHKDSK on boot to prevent this from happening again.