Killer instinct for pc keeps reverting to keyboard only

Is there a toggle option? It usually happens before a match which means i have to forfeit the match because KI wont see my xbox one pad out of nowhere.

Is there anyway to toggle back to pad when its in keyboard mode only? if your pad becomes unplugged, does this make it revert to keyboard only mode? is there no way to bring pad mode back up without hard resetting?

Ive googled it several different ways and come up with nothing so im asking in the general area in case anyone knows about this.

tldr, sometimes ki on pc doesnt recognize my controller pad and forces me to use a usb keyboard instead, and usually right before a match. Is there a hot key or anything to make it toggle back to pad mode?

I have to same problem, when i am playing KI, then switch to another program like Firefox, then switch back to KI and the Xbone pad doesn’t work anymore until i reboot the game. Does not happen every time tho, so i can’t really pinpoint the real problem

happened again today, even though i bought new usb micro cables for my controller so that it doesnt accidentally dc. Seriously no one knows what the f* this is about? its incredibly frustrating.

Does anyone know how to toggle back and forth between keyboard and pad? is there a keyboard shortcut or anything? anything at all?