Killer Instinct Footsies

Need some guidance to getting good? Maybe this can help :slight_smile:


Nooooice, good post.


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Thanks!! Been on my plate for quite some time.

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I’m glad you posted this, a mini series would actually help newer players should you ever have the time. You know like what is DP mean and how to do it or other fundamentals that aren’t covered in depth by the dojo.

Just a suggestion of course, but these types of videos help a lot for those who aren’t familiar, heck, they would’ve gone a mile with me when I first got into KI.

What is a footsie? Why is it called footsie if you can use punch normals? What if your walk speed sucks? How do you the 2nd part then? Is footsies required? Ignore the first question.

Punches are involved in the definition of this because, as said above, you’re jockeying for the right to own your spot. Your attacks have meaning behind them and understanding a player’s tendencies go hand in hand in order to obtain in the upper hand in a match up.

If your walk speed sucks, most of the time, you have long range normals that can special cancel on hit so you can in. Hisako is a great example, because while she has the slowest speed in the game, she makes up for it with impeccable range normals that many characters wish they could have.

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Is there a chance this video can get posted on Shoryuken? Any bit of spotlight helps…


Send them a tip on their site! I’m sure they would put it on there if people told them.

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I think the term “footsies” refers to the back and forth dancing around to generate the proper spacing. It comes from “footwork.”


That was my understanding too.

Great video.

I’ve tried that before, and even despite an “okay/confirmation” from one of the writers, the tip never turned into a story. I will however try another attempt at this, and hopefully we’ll see what happens…

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Or tweet the writer souperfx, to my knowledge he’s looking for KI material to write on.

Done and done… We’ll see what happens…

While it’s a good video, I found myself falling asleep at the 6 min. mark. No offense, but your voice is kind of monotone, which makes it harder to stay excited for your video - it also doesn’t help that I largely already know what footsies are. With that said, I certainly hope the people who actually need this don’t fall asleep either. :sleeping:

First of all, kudos to @FinchoMatic for making this. I think the video is really nicely put together, and since we so often hear that this game is lacking in user generated content to help players there is clearly an unmet need here. I think the visuals and video edits are nicely done, and the video references are well done too.

I don’t agree that your voice is monotone. Voice over work is really challenging, and I think you do fine. If I were to offer any advice it would be to slow down and try to enunciate every syllable clearly. That’s just public speaking 101 - and no one ever achieves perfection in this area.

As far as the content itself, you cover a lot in here - which is great. I think the video will be most useful for people who are hanging around the community and hear the vocabulary but don’t really know what it all means. I appreciate your working definition of footsies. My own working definition would probably involve more about understanding spacing - ideal spacing for your attacks to hit or be hard to punish on whiff and spacing to make your opponent whiff. Then I would move into understanding your “good buttons” in neutral (moves that are safe, hard to punish and fast etc.) at any given distance. Then I would talk about whiff punishing and the other topics you present here.

The only other advice I would give (and I hope you take this as advice not criticism - I think the video is great) is to define your terms. I do a lot of lecturing on scientific topics and people get lost quickly when they hear vocabulary they don’t understand. You did a good job defining footsies but you threw in some jargon that people wont necessarily pick up. I saw “whiff” (I know it seems obvious, but it might not be), and “read” (i.e. “because you have the read on him”). There may have been a couple of others mixed in.

Anyway, TL:DR - great job. I hope you have the opportunity to do a lot more content like this.


I appreciate any and all advice, criticism, etc. I don’t mind what it is. I just want to help others get better.


Nice vid man, keep the good work!

Thank you so much for making this video

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I am glad you found this useful!