Killer Instinct Dojo cannot be completed due to recent nerfs of Jago

When the game tries to show you how to make his Cr.HP safe by canceling it into medium windkick, you can’t actually complete that trial because medium windkick is currently -6 and the AI always does a crouch jab to punish. Due to that, the Dojo is literally impossible to complete.


This is why Jago needs buffs. Kappa

Well, I’m sure IG will see this thread and fix it in time.
When’s character specific dojo missions coming out?

There is a way to trick the game into letting you complete this trial: do crouch HP canceled into M wind kick, and then get hit by the opponent’s jab a bunch of times until you have instinct (will take a while because it’s just a jab punish). Then, do cr.HP canceled into M wind kick and then instinct cancel. You’ll be able to block the jab and progress the trial. (Also, M wind kick is safe while in instinct so if you mess up, while your instinct is draining you can do the trial the normal way)

It’s a really unfortunate oversight that it’s not doable by normal means, though. All they have to do is change it to L wind kick and it’ll be fine (or in reality they should change it to a move you actually should use in this situation, like M laser sword).


Haven’t character specific dojo missions been promised since season 2?

That was never promised.

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Maybe report this in the bugs thread?

I kinda think it’s a very big oversight as it directly affects newcomers to the game =/

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They should’ve done what SFV did and left the dojo mode in its base patch with a disclaimer that the dojo does not meet the most current update of the game.

That or update the dojo to reference the current update.