Killer Instinct Definitive Version - PC retail copy

Hey guys,

Wondering if there is going to be a physical retail copy of the Definitive Edition of KI for PC? Would be a good chance to seriously compete with Street Fighter V’s PC retail copy :wink:


I wonder what the sales for something like a retail PC game would be like these days…

It’s more about being able to easily gift the game, as opposed to buying your friends Xbox Gift Cards which they may not use to buy Killer Instinct.

Says on the package its a console exclusive.

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So? There have been many games which have “console exclusive” on the cover. It doesn’t mean that there can’t be a PC version down the line.

Console exclusive means it’s a game for 1 console and PC. It’s how Sony and MS both use it.
Still, barely any PC games get retail releases so I don’t see this happening.

I don’t think that’s what it means this time.

Well, you should because that is what it means.
Halo 5 says Only on Xbox One(XB1 only game), Quantum Break says Xbox One Console Exclusive(Only on the XB1 CONSOLE and W10 PC)

And yeah, Quantum Break didn’t get a retail release on PC, Gears Ultimate as well. Unless it’s Fallout, GTA, etc. most companies don’t bother.