Killer Instinct Definitive Edition with no season 3

So it seems that I have installed all the seasons of Killer Instinct, but there is no season 3. Why is that? Was there a misprint on the back cover? If so, then why is it called Killer Instinct Definitive Edition? Or is that a misprint as well. I’m so confused.

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Are you on PC or Xbox One?


What do you mean by “no season 3”?

When you install DE there are two files that appear int eh loading que. DE app and S3 combo breaker. Make sure S3 combo breaker is loaded.

I have issues too. No retro costumes for TJ Combo, Maya, Kan-Ra, Riptor, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder and Aria. I already downloaded everything, reinstalled the game, cleared the cache and nothing works!

It also shows in the game store that the Supreme Edition pack it’s not available. I send messages to the developers via Twitter about this, but they don’t answer. I regret buying this game.

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The DE doesn’t come with S2 retros.

The DE very much does come with Season 2 stuff, but we had some issues to correct on our end. I have just received a message that things should be fixed, but it takes 24-36 hours to prop. Will be checking in tomorrow for this, just FYI.


Weird. I was scrolling through the Store and it said it includes the S2 Combo Breaker pack, not the Ultra.

Thanks a lot for your answer! I’m glad this issue is being resolved. But still bothers me that users need to really dig into the problem instead of getting a full and clear status from developers via Twitter or other social media. Some of us even thought that something was wrong with our consoles or Internet connection.

Thank you and everyone else for the issue.

Uh, bro, I’m not sure if you meant to be insulting, but you might want to re-read that post.

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