Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition Comes to Windows 10 Today


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New costume for Thunder! Hope to see more for the rest :persevere:


Thank you for going through so much trouble to give us this costume. Really, this costume looks fantastic! It makes me want to pick up Thunder!


So, for us PC players (and Xbox digital buyers), is there an upgrade option? Are we going to have to purchase the game a second time? Haven’t really looked too deep into what’s included in the Definitive version. It is worth getting again if I already have the Ultra Edition?

Thanks in advance.


i swear if its the original thunder KI1 i m goin to throw away glacius and play only thunder hisako aria on ranked (( sadira only in lobby for fun ))

thank you ig


Thanks so much for a new costume for Thunder!
This will be amazing to see

Hoping so much you guys plan for new costumes for other fighters.

Can’t wait


IF i buy this new version (Xbox Anywhere) all my saves LOST??? (i have now Ultra edition Xbox one and Windows 10)


The announcement says everything carries over including achievements.
As with any update, if you don’t have replays saved into your DVR, you will lose those and maybe your shadow lab replays.


New Thunder costume is legit! Fight on!


Finally! Thunder gets a decent costume.
KI2 Fulgore, Orchid, Sabrewulf. PLS


I saw a vision of a creature with long ears, another robot, a monster with Antlers, a glowing squid, and a redhead… I see many things~


Purchasing a new “Edition” pack won’t harm any save content. I’ve got all 3 Ultra Editions on the Xbone, as well as the Definitive Edition, and my progress was untouched.
The Definitive Edition’s big extra is a sort of “Special Features” App (that shows interviews, concept art, and every KI soundtrack since 1994) so it doesn’t have any bearing on the main game apart from the exclusive Gargos skins.


Just thinking- what we’re seeing is hero art, not concept art, so I have a hunch there are more official costumes coming if not after Christmas possibly with feb/ march 2017 season 4 announcement of a monthly trickle of a package including

a- new content
b- select character costume / costume pak like the current gold skin pak 1 including 2/3 fighter costume updates
c- shadow lords updated content
d- (kappa) bonus monthly character ultimate lol


Thanks you for answer @Fwufikins


Well, sure looks better than his retro design, that’s for sure.

Now, why can’t those who have been purchasing KI seasons since 2013 - and therefore haven’t bought the DE - can’t have access to that cool bonus content? It’s kinda unfair…


The wording in the article should probably be changed.

The Definitive Edition packs up ALL the content we’ve ever released – every character, stage, costume, color, trailers and tracks – and puts it all into one box of awesome goodness.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t contain all of the content ever released, there are still things like the additional colors from the toy line and the newly released gold & terror skins. Might wind up making some people on PC very angry if they buy the Definitive edition thinking it has everything only to find out it doesn’t and the wording led them to believe it did…


As much as I’m happy, at the same time I’ frustrated. I bought the disk version of this for the Xbox One, but now, of course, I would have to pay again for a digital version. What a shame. But for those who don’t have the game at all, it’s a good value bundle, I won’t deny that.


For just $30 plus tax and ship-

On a serious note, is the DE worth getting despite owning S1 - S3?


i bought the definitive edition but all the character are still locked, what gives? when i select a character like spinal the game pops up with a text box saying “purchase the definitive edition , purchase season 1 and 2 or purchase spinal” i select definitive edition and the windows store pops up telling me i already own this product i reload the game and none of the characters are available (aside from jago and tusk)


Hmm…hard to say for the digital version.
I suppose you could say all the documentary-ish videos, every KI soundtrack including Killer Cuts & KI2’s music, bios for everyone up to Eyedol, trailers, etc. Could be enough content by itself to warrant its price tag.

Personally I got the disk version for XB1 primarialy for preservation purposes. After all, some day KI3 may be pulled from the online stores…it’d be nice to have as a backup so it won’t go the way of the Scott Pilgrim vs the World game or After Burner Climax and many other pulled digital games.