Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition Appreciation Thread

After seeing the Definitive Edition announcement, I wanted to say thank you for giving not just a proper KI release but a proper GAME release. Most companies today announce their new version of their games all fancy and what not and when you buy it all you get is a plastic box and a disc. No manual no nothing. It almost makes me wanna go with digital for every game. You guys on the other hand are giving us a cool box art (which could’ve been better but still cool :stuck_out_tongue: ) AND an awesome soundtrack CD. Behind the scenes videos, artwork, and the gargos skin are nice little extras too. For $40?! A steal! Now I already own the seasons but I will be picking this up. Especially for the soundtrack. I know there’s people complaining for having paid more money and not getting these extras but I see it more as an opportunity for people who were on the fence or maybe just couldn’t afford to buy all the seasons or a full priced game to get KI. It’ll help the game grow which is always good. So yea, just wanted to express my opinion/spread some positivity.
Ps: KEITS PLZ! Include a slip cover for the CD!


Agreed %100

I am very excited and happy for this new disc release.


Yes, I hope the soundtrack has a slipcase or something like the soundtrack from Zelda Twilight Princess HD so that I can keep it with my CD collection lol

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Nicely said @xOGTxBONESx!


Thanks, I hope they actually see this post so they know it’s not all negative vibes in the community


It’s a collectors edition so I guess they are doing it up right. I have zero interest but it’s good to know people appreciate what they are doing that.

Having said that can you PLEASE change the title of the thread? Every thread on here is a message to MS and IG. No one has any idea what this thread is about until they get in here and read the posts…


I got it.

Thanks for changing it lol

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No problemo.

Yay! while I dunno if I’ll be able to buy a hard disk for the character content I do agree that those who want a hard copy will get one! Hurray!

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Yeah I am super pumped about this. There is just something about being able to hold the game in my hand that is so satisfying lol I am the same way with music and movies too, I love my physical copies :grin:


Especially with cds for me plus you’re able to rip them in higher quality than the mp3s you can buy from Amazon etc. I wonder what soundtrack is included though, season 1? 2? 3? Or the old school tracks?

Definitive? Season 4 in the works?
Poor wording.

I will get it, and are glad they made a physical copy, if for no other reason for this:

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: the Game.
If you haven’t played it, you should…it was an awesome beat-em-up akin to the TMNT arcade game.

Problem is…good luck playing it. It was digital distribution only, so you can’t get it now.
So I’m glad they’re releasing this…because some day when they pull the plug people will still be able to get the game and play it.

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I might pick this up myself too, as I want to get a physical KI game on my shelf, without breaking my existing digital copy (hopefully the two might interface well together as they currently run on the same patch unlike S1 combo breaker packs)

But yeh, good job IG.

Indeed plus if this reels in new competition and freinds, I’m all for it!

I agree. This proper retail release of the game is perfectly timed at the end of season 3. I would agree with many others that in September, the game will finally be “complete.” Any additional DLC in the future is just icing on the Ultra cake.