Killer Instinct crossover in Gears 5?

Gears 5 already has a Terminator and Halo Reach Crossover, in addition to that there are Bloodsprays and Banners for Xbox games such as Forza, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay and oddly enough Hellblade (even though it’s not an Xbox exclusive).
I was disappointed to not see KI among them since it had General Raam and deserves some spotlight too!
I made a thread about this on the Gears forum but there it literally didn’t get any attention at all!

I would be happy if in an upcoming patch they would just add a Banner and Bloodspray for KI but what if the Coalition is waiting for the right moment? I’m probably expecting way too much here but what if the Coalition is waiting for the right moment to release a full-on KI crossover like they did with Halo Reach and Terminator?

What KI characters do you think would fit into Gears 5?
And would that mean a possible announcement for KI too?

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Fulgore and Riptor would be a good combo for KI.

Also. Microsoft bought the studio that made Hellblade.

Fulgore would be great since he is very recognisable and would fit with the Terminator, but Riptor, as much as I like her, would be very difficult.

Also, I’m aware that Microsoft bought the developers, but it still fells odd.

Riptor could be added as an ability for the Fulgore units in multiplayer, though I’d rather see Kilgore using his gatling guns. Seems to fit better.

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How about ARIA for a playable character?
Dying makes her dissapear like when she loses a body in KI.

I did my part, now if only someone at Xbox Game Studios would just go for it… :sunglasses::+1:t2:



Kryll the competition

I’m dead :joy: That’s beautiful