Killer Instinct Crossbuy S3 not working

Hey all I seem to ran into a problem with the Crossbuy from Xbox to Windows 10 PC version of Killer Instict. I followed all the steps, Logging into my Xbox One first then going to the PC version. I even played a game on the Xbox version before the PC one was done downloading. On the PC version all my characters show up instead of my Season 3 characters, keep saying “21 Days until unlocked.” Before you ask yes i have season 3 characters. If anybody can help me out with this issue that will be appreciated.

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I’m experiencing a similar issue, but the W10 version isn’t recognizing that I own anything when I have all 3 Ultra editions plus Shago.

I hope they fix it soon.

I hope so as well really want to play on PC

Same issue here. Which sucks because I have a PC at work I was going to play on and I want to learn Rash because Conflict Amphibians forever!

It is all working, even the KI Gold from the Season 3 Ultra edition… HOWEVER the characters are locked on Win 10 (but not on XB1.) …at least for me.

Same thing happened to me. Own all characters on XB1 but PC I only have season 2 cast.

All my characters are showing up EXCEPT Shadow Jago.

The Xbox Support team recommended me reinstalling the game, so that’s what I’m doing… sigh

I’ll keep you guys posted if it fixes anything for me.

UPDATE: NO GO. Reinstall didn’t fix squat.

Same exact issue here. Have everything except the Ultra pack for Season 3.

Yeah, I own everything on my XB1 and I followed the recommend steps, but none of it is showing up in the Win10 ver. Only character I have access to is the single free character, which sucks.

Having the same issue. Own S1,S2 and Shadow Jago but they arent showing up for me. Only Sabrewulf is playable and listed as FREE.

I forgot to mention that I bought Shadow Jago awhile ago and he also isn’t showing up on Windows 10 (along with season 3.)

This sounds like your account isn’t the same as your Xbox. Most of us have some of the purchases but not all - sounds like you are not logged into the same account. Do you use a MS account to log into Windows 10 with?

Its definitely the same account as on my Xbox, my player level and unlocks work but none of my owned characters and content came over. Everything is working fine on the Xbox One version of course.

Do you log into Windows 10 with the same account or a local one? I do NOT mean logging into it through the store or within the game (this is just in case.)

Yes I log into Windows 10 with the same account as well.

Just wanted to have that confirmed for the devs, thanks. I have S1 and S2 and S3 Gold, but I am missing Shadow Jago, S3 characters, and S3 VIP Double XP on Windows 10. Everything on XB1 is perfectly fine.