Killer Instinct Community Tier List v2, 3-11-17 KI 3.6

Enjoy, guys.

Omen in top 8? :astonished:

I picked him in the days he was seen as a bottom tier, this is a great day for all Omens.:beers:

Rash top 3 ??? Eyedol top 10 ??? This is madness

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Don’t know about you guys, but creating such diverse cast and making everyone viable is huge achievement in my book.


This is precisely the point

Aganos and Raam were labeled as “No viable” by a lot of people. Meanwhile, @MnTLetalis made top 8.

Many people claimed that Gargos was OP. Only Wheels and Rico managed to get top 8 with them. And Wheels only used him in a few matches.

At the end, KI is a great game because all its character are unique, awesome and viable. Sure, some MUs are hard, but that happens in all FG. You can’t create such a diverse cast with all being 5-5. But KI balance it’s just impressive.

Take note about how small is the Median gap numbers. There are some outliers, like Fulgore and Raam, but overall, everybody are in a very close range. The second and the 26th character are at a 12 points difference, which out of 130, is a 9% difference. It’s very small compared to other games. And even smaller if you go two placements below or above.

And never forget, this is not set in stone, These are opinions, not facts.

Could anyone please explain to me what makes Rash so top tier? O_o

The lack of bad MUs

Notice that Rash doesn’t have a lot of bad MUs. According to the table, he only loses to Kilgore(and not by much)

Also, he doesn’t have particularly good MUs. According to this table, he wins 6-4 Raam and Gargos, but the rest of his winning MUs are by less.

People have to difference between a character which is placed high in the list due being dominant, or overall having mostly even MUs

Fulgore has several good MUs for him. This skyrockets his placement, due the lack of a decent number of bad MUs. Rash is placed high because he goes mostly even with everyone, according to the list

He is stable, but not dominant. If you want to take an opposite example, Gargos is dominant, but not stable.

A stable character has the same performance over all the fights. If the character depends of a particular resorce and several characters can deny it, his stability fals. For example, Aganos is worse without chunks. Some chars have an easy way to get rid of the chunks, while others doesn’t, so Aganos is more unstable than, let’s say, Jago, who can easily access to meter, and almost always has a bar.

A dominant character is someone who once gets his resources/momentum, is fearsome and can easily take advantage. Spinal with skulls, or Gargos with minions, are good examples. Spinal struggles without skulls, but once he gets some, his offense is very hard to stop. Same as Gargos, who once has minions, can go ham and is harder to stop. Both of these characters are unstable, since both can be privated from their resources and abused by other characters.


That is one hell of an answer, thank you, mate.

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My Rash is in the mid-30s level-wise so I’m not a specialist but have played him a bit.
What I like about him is that he has his own gameplan and as mentioned by @Dayv0 he almost always plays the same so it’s less taxing as far as concentration goes. With my ARIA I have to worry about the 3 health bars and try to make sure I save bodies for Instinct activations, with my Eyedol I have to worry about stance changes mid-combo and the pips+shadow bar + Instinct.
Rash just plays his game with not much difference on who he’s facing. That’s a huge plus in my book.