Killer Instinct character's as Xbox Live avatar skin's for getting to Level 50 with that Character?

I think it would be so awesome to get Killer Instinct characters as Xbox avatar skins although I don’t know how Aganos would work/look also Riptor.


Yeah i agree…the avatars that Xbox has to choose from are super lame. I wish we could upload our own…I guess they dont due to all the trolls out there would put up something that would offend people.

Well I’d suddenly have a ton of new items to choose from, and an excuse to actually bother with anything besides my daedric armor

Now that sounds like a fantastic idea


How would we get Riptor though? Maybe as one of those toy thingies.

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Omg yes to this all dsy long!

I’m going even further

Killer Instinct images for user gametarg image


So much yes to this. KI needs more TLC and cross promotion within Microsoft’s ecosystem. Get avatar outfits, get profile pics. This little mech is awesome, but how hard would it be to give me a Glacius picture?

As weird as it seems, the Halloween horror pack (Wulf, Hisako and Soinal) is a good sign that they are at least thinking about more promotion for the game - even though no one in this board is likely to need it.


Well, the new update may allow me to mess around with my 360 avatar again but the XB1 really needs to step up with its avatar system. By the time it’s ready, we’ll be onto the next (and maybe last) console.

@rukizzel , who is the ambassador to the MS team that would deal with XB1 gamerpics?
Needs some KI love in there!

Thanks for the KI skins in Minecraft, to whomever it concerns! Would love to see a skin or two of KI characters sneak their way into more MS titles.

I’d totally rock that so hard. Or Omen as well. Glacius, too, though that may look awkward in avatar form.

And speaking of KI Minecraft skins, they better do one for the Season 2 characters if ever a new Skin Pack comes though…

DUUUUUUUDEE…If they have a Jago Skin for Xbox Avatar… X.X

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I would love it! Shago will be my profile photo or maybe just Jago, possibly more than one variant? Wouldn’t want to have the same as Ninja’s.

Yes please. Or gamer pics of the cast, since Halo 5 is apparently doing them now! Would be nice to have those sort of options instead of the general stuff we have now.

@TempusChaoti let microsoft know the people want them ! Pls make Fulgore and his animatin the Devastation Beam :smiley:

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Have to support this, I would love to rock a Fulgore avatar costume.

Avatars are hideous. id rather gamer pics

@TempusChaoti @rukizzel @GoogleMyName

Hey guys! Anyway possible we can get KI avatars? They have Mortal Kombat avatars for Christ sake!!! ::smile:


I’d like for something like this

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