Killer Instinct Character Survey

My man!

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quite ridiculous that eyedol has to be confirmed by this poll. i don’t get why not to make the same for all other original chars then. this thing make sense for test opinions for totally new chars in season 4, so eyedol shloud has been automatically confirmed and excluded from the poll.


Voted for Eyedol.
Asked also for arcade mode or time trial or random rematch in VS CPU.
And colors in Shadow Lab.


Whoa thats how you feel about my main man :frowning: #BringEyedol


Voted for Eyedol, Character stages, More Colors, More Costumes & Riptor Nerfed.


Cleared up the wording for the character difficulty section. It was meant when playing AS that character. Sorry for the confusion

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This was a surprise. Nice move!.
I don’t understand why so many people want Eyedol, but that’s me, I’ve never liked to play with “boss characters” or huge characters anyway. I understand that Eyedol is part of the old cast and I’m curious of what would you do with it but…I never found his gamestyle (or Gargos) fun at all when I used them during the old days.

Kim Wu is a character I don’t really use but I like the result, she is right. My question is, why is she so little, lol? I feel bad when using Wulf and I scracth her or bite her =(

You think THAT is bad, go read my most recent post on the new eyedol thread that just surfaced.

Looks like eyedol is not the last character for season 3 :confused: but at least it seems like a good future for ki is confirmed ! :smiley:

A soft confirmation for post Season 3 content? Way to make my day!
…I forgot to specifically request a solid pumpkin-orange spinal…


I’m fairly certain most of us here would be willing to pay for those extra stages considering how much we want them.

I, for 1, hope both Eyedol and Eagle make it in. I was also happy to see the re-imagined and new character concept questions. :slight_smile:


We should get #BringEyedol to trend in Twitter lol


Oh god damnit I forgot to beg for Bling Bling Fulgore!

don’t forget to vote for eyedol, ultimates and stages for all!!! We can do it


thanks for listening.

Voted for Eyedol. Also I’m very in in a Lovecraft char.

I will like to say thanks again to the @developers. Not only they listen us in the survey. Some options are clearly based in feedback we provided.

Thank you very much


Whew, done! I hope none of my answers were too wordy ha, I know you guys are going to get a ton of these but I was trying to be helpful by being specific. Anwyays, thank you all for doing this; it’s great to see companies so invested in doing right by their communities, and it definitely makes me excited for the future of KI!

THEY chose to spend money on relighting the entire game and in Shadow Lords (which is just rehashed content with a bunch of text-based dialogue… Nothing on that entire stream looked interesting besides the new stage).

Dont blame us for wanting character stages when it’s their fault for spending money on things nobody ever asked for. Fans never asked for a full relighting or a cheap version of XCom without voice-work and lots of repetition.

I’m sick of IG trying to pin it on us when the one time they actually did what we asked we had to PAY EXTRA for (Shago). Everything else they just did what they wanted, then got angry when we didn’t praise them for it.

(they also butchered DH’s Shago Ultra while they were at it)

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also finished l, good open ended survey

Just going to throw this out there. I’m pretty sure this survey most likely has absolutely nothing to do with the last character.