Killer Instinct Character Survey


Original characters made up like half the list.


That dog is very much canon and is NOT a guest. He has his own backstory within the game and is prominently featured in the novella! The actual guest characters (Rash, Arbiter, and Raam) have neither.


Well the thing is with Saberwulf is were it not for the Saber Wulf game Saberwulf wouldn’t exist…maybe a werewolf, but not Saberwulf. And yes they made him cannon, but we’re kinda splitting hairs here when whatever you call it we’re talking about bringing in characters from other games into KI. Whether they’re here to stay or not, or whether they become cannon or not, well that’s still up in the air as there’s not a KI2 (4) yet, nor is this game completed.


You have shown no proof whatsoever that otherwise proves that what you say is true. So far, it’s all only speculation…


Proof of what…that there was a ZX Spectrum game called Saber Wulf that featured a blue wolf named Saberwulf, made by Ultimate Play the Game (aka Rare)?? It’s in Rare Replay.


@GalacticGeek @WrathOfFulgore This conversation is going nowhere fast.


I know it is, but that doesn’t mean that he was, in any way, influenced by it. For all we know, it could’ve been 2 entirely different development teams. Unless you can find some sort of interview of sorts where it’s actually stated or something, I am going to choose to NOT believe it. There, I have expressed reasonable doubt - it’s up to you to prove otherwise.

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I agree.


So if I was to create a game about an Italian plumber named Mario who wears red, has a mustache, eats mushrooms and collects coins, would there be any reasonable doubt that it was heavily influenced by or a direct rip-off of Nintendo’s flagship franchise?

Pretty sure Nintendo’s lawyers would say “no.”

It’s the same with this; it seems pretty clear that Sabrewulf in KI is at the very least heavily influenced by the earlier game (except Rare made that one, too) if the two games aren’t canonically connected in any other way.

I am curious to see what the overall numbers for this survey will show, and I wonder whether the character choices like “ENT Aganos” and “Sharkman TJ” are representative of additional costume/accessory sets, or concepts for brand new characters which have some kind of gameplay connection to the existing character listed with it.

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“What’s a ‘Crackdown Agent’?” votes it higher than a couple things out of curiosity

googles Crackdown the next day

“Aw crap”


That was exactly me.


I put the suggestion of a Gorgon in there. Slither must be realized!


A company can’t sue itself. The 2 Sabrewulfs may have influenced 1 another, but are NOT canonically connected.


Thank you for being purposefully obtuse and ignoring the entire point I was trying to make. I was directly refuting your previous stance;

Obviously RARE wouldn’t sue itself, the point is that it’s clear that the Sabrewulf character was influenced by the earlier game, and to make an analogy that if I was to make a game with a character who is almost identical to Mario, Nintendo would have their lawyers on me pretty quickly.

I really didn’t think I needed to explain the analogy, to be honest.


I was reneging on what I had said previously - that’s why I had included the line in my last post that said that “they may have influenced 1 another” while also reinforcing my stance against what @WrathOfFulgore had said (in that they’re canonically connected, because they’re not). I only mentioned the “sueing” aspect because your Mario reference doesn’t make sense in this particular scenario as it involves only 1 company, not 2 (and yes, I knew what you were getting at - I simply chose to ignore it, like you said).


Wha…I never said…(looks above)

…oh I see, you misunderstood me. No, I wasn’t saying that the wolf from Saber Wulf is KI’s cannon Saberwulf…story-wise anyway. But Saberwulf is a character that was so heavily influnced by its predecessor he is essentially a “guest”, albeit a cannon one…ok, now I’m starting to confuse even myself…

Guest by name and design, cannon (KI cannon, not Saber Wulf cannon) by story…that’s what I’m trying to get across.


They should release a preview on my birthday, July 15th. I don’t care if it’s a guest.

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Holy crap character 8 looks crazy!!!


I KNEW IT…the last character is SHADOW LUIGI!!!

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