Killer Instinct Brasil League

Hoping to keep Brazilian Killer Instinct players fighting fit for the game’s Steam release, Shame Team has announced a special KI league for any and all players in Brazil. It will be a circuit of nine tournaments, with the hope of crowning the country’s top Killer Instinct player.
The tournament started last Sunday (08/13/2017) and the second phase will take place next Sunday, with all the action being streamed on the Shame Team Twitch channel.



Noice!!! :smiley:

Tonight will be the second qualifier for the KI Brasil League!

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we’re going live!


This Saturday 6 PM CST on The 4th qualifier for the Killer Instinct Brasil League! @kombatklub @pharrohyami

— ST Lemon @TRT2k17 (@ST_LemonHunter) 31 de agosto de 2017
The 4th qualifier this Saturday for the KI Brasil League!