Killer Instinct Box Cover Art

Hey everyone,

I was not so thrilled by the retail box art version of the game, so I made mine.

As a massive fan of the classic KIs, I honored the tradition of keeping Fulgore (my fav. char too) on the front and
worked my way there.
Here’s the preview, I hope you like it.


Shouldn’t you make mention of eyedols return? Hes older than gargos.

I thought about it too, I like him also more than Gargos, but in the end, Gargos is supposed to be the final boss and the ultimate threat and that kept me off from doing it.
Do you think it would look better with Eyedol in the back? I was wondering why Eyedol’s return was not such a big deal :confused:
( They got his re-design so good tho)

Not a fan of Fulgore or Jago being on the cover. Put Orchid on there where she belongs. lcdSmirk-28px