Killer instinct Animated film

After the release and success of the Mortal Kombat animated film, I feel KI would make an awesome animated film. I know the game isnt being worked on really anymore but im sure the fans would still love to see Ki related content


I’d love that. Granted, I expect that Riptor may get the same treatment as Reptile.


Don’t know if that would be a possibility. IIRC when KI 2013 was in development MS had a bit of an issue when it came to the Killer Instinct name. In the early 2000’s there was a bad crime drama show called Killer Instinct that Fox had on the air. And IIRC, the only way MS was able to secure the name for their game was to make an agreement that they wouldn’t make a KI movie/tv show, and in return Fox wouldn’t make a video game based off of their lousy show. Of course now Disney owns that division of Fox, so there’s no telling what the deal is with the name branding now, but my guess is they’d have to take it up with Disney.