Killer instinct and microsoft xbox app : teredo address not obtained FIXED :)

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follow the steps mentioned in the video ** this also fixes killer instinct failed to connect to matckmaking servers issue**
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Will have to try resolving the WAN miniport issue.

yes do that , i would recommend contacting microsoft live chat ,i am sure they can get that sorted out

update me , did you fix it ?

UPDATE , i know how to install the wan miniports , please go comment on my youtube video and we can take this further.

I will contact you later. I have to work throughout the day.

i have been helping people the whole day , please don’t take long , i will have some rest time soon

So has fixing the WAN miniport issue fixed their issues with Teredo?

yes successfully

Can you not type a list of steps here so it can benefit more than just one person at a time?

the miniports are really complicated , it needs a video and i cant record one now