Killer Instinct and GoW 4 disappeared from my Windows Store Library

After my last Windows update KI and GoW 4 vanished from my library. They are still in my purchase history.
There is a Topic over at the Forza Forums:
Other people report the same problem…
Is there a Dev from MS here, who can help? @TempusChaoti maybe?

happened to me once with ki…i launched the game and it reappeared in the library

This unfortunately doesn’t work here. I also tried resetting the Store cache… didn’t work either.
My older Games (GoW Ultimate, Forza 6) are still in my library, only the new ones vanished.

I’d report this in the Official Bug Thread

Though since it’s effecting multiple games, it’s probably something to bring up with Microsoft customer support.

I just had an internet outage and had to reset my router. Now the Games are back in my library. Strange… but I’m relieved…