Killer instinct 3.9 combos/tech/online compilation

Here is my last tech video ill probably make for KI. I have been doing these types of videos for two years now and I think now is the best time to end this series.Thanks to everyone who has watched these videos in the past two years.


Your Arbiter combos are very swaggy than mine. lol


Swaggy yes . Practical no

Anything’s practical if you make it flashy enough

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Flashy actually doesn’t equal practical. There are a lot of really cool combos that I can do with Sadira, but in the world of an actual fight, they aren’t practical because of A. They are too situational. B. Too difficult to execute. C. Too easy to break. D. There are way better options that are less risky.

It’s always fun to do a swag combo against another player, and yes it does happen, but I’d rather take a good ole practical combo that I know will give me good damage, versus a super flashy one that will most likely get broken.


Oh I know it’s actually not practical, but the fact that flashy combos can get into the opponents head and (obviously) look awesome are enough justification for me to use them given the chance. (Of course not in serious matches)

I agree it’s always fun using a flashy combo, especially if the opponent falls for it, and that is why they are there. As a Sadira main, I live for the flash, but in most fights its more about footsies and short hard to break combos, than the crazy flash for the sake of flash.

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Flash combos can catch opponents off guard in terms of combo breaking .

It’s also distracting as an opponent. Most of the time when I see someone doing some radical stuff, I am like, “wtf is going on”.

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