Killer Instinct (2013) was in development for Xbox 360

Hey all,

I’m sure many of you are already aware of this, but thought I’d share in case some of you aren’t.

I just learned this weekend that Killer Instinct was also in development for the Xbox 360, and was apparently scrapped roughly around September 2013.

I found out via Max’s video below:

The videos properly showing the footage are here:

This is all pre-alpha footage, as I understand it, but still, overall, it looked very cool.


Wow how far that game came.


Quite so, I was surprised. The guy who posted the footage commented that it wasn’t quite at alpha level, but that Jago and Saberwulf were working very well. Interesting to see Sadira with a veil too.

Had it been launched, I wonder how long it would have been supported for, and how the netcode would have been.

In terms of support, I figure at best Season 2 content would have made it in, but not Season 3 as the Xbox 360 was officially discontinued about three weeks after Season 3 launched.

For netcode, due to the lesser hardware, the netcode may not have been as good.