Killer Instinct 2 (and maybe Battletoads/Halo) Music for Practice Mode

So I’ve probably already posted about this once or twice or… a lot… over the course of my time on both these and the Season 2 forums.
Wouldn’t it be swell to have the KI2 soundtrack to jam out to in practice mode?
This is a minor feature in comparison to things like gameplay mechanics and such, but its one I’ve been craving for a long time.

I got a faint glimmer of hope from the KI Cup Balance Change Stream when it came to Rash and his Ultra when Keits said, “Pity we don’t have the music to go along with this.” Probably wildly imaginative wishful thinking, but it gave me an idea on how to expand on my initial request…

What if -in addition to KI2 music to celebrate the return of the final KI2 characters- we add the classic themes from Battletoads and Halo as an homage to Rash and the recently announced Arbiter?
Think about it, it would be a great way to spruce up practice mode for when you’re playing around with these characters. I imagine their stages will have similar renditions of their themes, but it would be a nice touch to have the originals in practice mode.

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Of course. Rash can thrust to the pause music.

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