Killer Instinct 1994 HD Remake

I thought about this for a while. We have seen HD remakes of other games. I think it would be great to get an HD remake of the Classic KI. That’s my five cents. What do you think?
P.S.I had Classic in place of 1994 but it wouldn’t allow because of the a** in the middle of Classic


I think that game still looks awesome and I also believe this gen won’t like the old mechanics, specially coming from this new KI.
I also believe the game was very cool but KI2 was better for versus matches. Apart from that I would of course buy a KI 94 remake <3


Awesome idea! I agree!

LOL wut

I would agree. I p;payed the hell out of the first KI game and quite a bit of the second. I don’t think the mechanics of the old games is going to be much appeal so if anything the next game should just be aesthetically closer in some form. Beyond that though KI 2013’s mechanics are so much more fun.

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I wonder how they would do this. The arcade version has better graphics than the SNES one. Unless if they base it off the Arcade port.

No its not.

Um…no. The arcade version came first. The SNES was a dumbed-down recreation of the arcade game, albeit one with smoothed-out gameplay (I swear, every time I use Fulgore’s eye laser linker on the arcade version the AD after it whiffs).

Anyway, Yeah, it’d be neat if they could redesign the original in similar fashion to SF2 HD remix, but with the game being made the way it was with pre-rendered silicon graphics models, I would feel a remaster would likely need to change the entire art style of the game, which may be too far removed from what people would actually want to see.

I dunno. I loved the original KI back in the day, but I like the new one too much to really care for a remaster. It they did it, great. If not, eh.


I’m not against it, in principle, but a HD remaster of a 2D game is tough to do for a lot of reasons and KI was a game that was hitting way above it’s weight class in terms of visual impact compared to it’s actual on-board technology. It looked unbelievable in 1994, but you look at the same thing today and it’s just meh.

You can bring the sprites into HD resolution, but unless you go back to the source (in this case Silicon Graphics models) and re-capture those images, you aren’t going to see much improvement. And if you do, then the flaws in the CG models - their lack of detail compared to today’s graphics, their weird proportions and the generally poor way they animate - are just going to be emphasized. Or, you could just create 3D models (for example all the Retros from this game) and program the game to play the same way as the original. But that just highlights the fact that the gameplay doesn’t really stand the test of time either. Why would I play that game (with it’s broken and obscure rules, difficult controls and huge inconsistencies in character balance) when I could play KI 2013? I love KI (original) but a lot of that love is best filtered through nostalgia. If they released a HD version, then that nostalgia doesn’t carry over nearly so well.

Sorry guys, my wording was confusing. I meant to say that the Arcade version has better graphics than the SNES version, which is why I used the word “remaster”. I apologize bout the confusion folks!

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Apology accepted, just… You know… Don’t let it happen again :wink:


I’ve recommended this before and people shut the idea down by saying that what’s the point of an HD remake when we already have an emulation of it that came with KI3? Or just play this new KI with retro costumes. Although I still think that there should be an HD remake of classic KI but with different game mechanics.


Whenever I go back to the old one I must adapt and it takes a little time because of the new one. Before it was the other way around lol. The “running uppercut” for Wulf in KI1 is charge back-forwad+MK and I spend few minutes doing HK -___-
However I don’t hav ethe same problem with KI2. Sadly I did forget how to play my pocket Fulgore there, I remember I wasn’t bad with it but for now I prefer to put the time in the new KI =)


But I didn’t mind the mechanics, I grew up with them =/
I’ve been told that even this game is a “remake”. But yeah, I’m up for another KI remake or not :purple_heart: =3

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You can sort of tell how much I’d like to see an HD version of the original…
I started one myself, lol!


Wow not bad dude keep it up! :thumbsup:

I have pro unity3d engine and 3ds max, How to export models from KI 1? thanks

There are no in-game models in KI1. They are pixelized captures of models rendered on a CGI workstation stored as Sprites for use in the game. The updated games use those sprites as a basis not the original rendered models.

I have no idea if those models exist anywhere at this point, although Rare may have them somewhere.

I gotta hand it to ya, the moeling is amazing. You should add a rexture to that fulgore model.


How come whenever someonetries to make an HD Remake of KI1, the project always just stops?


*shrug *
Lukewarm reception, perhaps because we’ve seen are just graphic artists showing off their designs with no knowledge of how to implement their art into a full game? I don’t know.

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