Killer Instinct 101: A new video series (NEW Nov 24 - Aria vid!)

Hey guys. I’m working with some friends on a new Youtube video series. Our intent is to do one video a week (hopefully every Monday), and each video will be short and manageable, probably around the 2 minute mark, and focused on a single character. The goal won’t be to tell you everything possible about that character, but rather to focus on a few fun “did you know?”-style facts that might help you the next time you play as, or against, that character.

The people involved in this project are:

  • Infil (that’s me! I wrote a Killer Instinct guide which some people seem to find helpful, and I try to watch streams and stay up to date on the state of the game)
  • Geoff the Hero (Youtube content creator; you may know him for his funny Zero to Hero guides (TJ Combo, Hisako)
  • bastfree (Killer Instinct scientist, known for his tech contributions to various characters, read more about him here)

Bastfree and I will be mostly constructing and planning the video content, while Geoff does most of the project’s heavy lifting by taking care of the video editing itself.

Here’s a short teaser on the type of thing this project will be about, focusing on how you can use Sadria’s crouching light kick to low-profile certain attacks.

We’re planning to launch our first real video (focusing on ARIA) next Monday! Hopefully you guys enjoy our work, and hopefully we can mostly keep up with one video per week until S3’s launch in March. Feel free to leave feedback in this thread, including suggestions for tech you would like us to cover in future videos.

List of character videos



I actually saw this way before. Looking forward to it Infil! Can’t wait to see the finished result. It’s already working, as I didn’t know how low Sadira’s crouching Light kick is. Lol.

EDIT: Do you think you can go over Tech for Omen? There is hardly ANYTHING on YouTube of him. You guys could change that, but I don’t know what your schedule is like, so feel free to disregard this if it doesn’t work or apply. :slight_smile:

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Even from the teaser, this seems very interesting. I actually want to know more so keep up the good work. Hopefully you all can get some Jago facts soon

Yes! Omen please!! I need some tech to counter all of Jagos cheap ■■■ frame traps lol

Video is cool and all but not really digging the Hero guys vocal delivery… but thats just me

Cheap ■■■ frame traps my ■■■! LOL I really don’t do frame traps. So I can’t talk. :laughing:

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Thank you for doing this.

and thank you again.

Let me know how to support (subscribing, watching, etc.) your effort in the best way.

This all seems very promising already! Looking forward to seeing the ARIA video on Monday. :smile:

…and you play Jago? That could be a problem. :confused:

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Not too bad if you rely on fundamentals.

Example: I poke people out of tons of stuff, and do full combos. Only time I probably use frame traps, is during instinct. Lol.

It depends on what you mean by frame traps. I might do them, and not realize I’m doing them.

I like it. Are the videos gonna be posted on Geoff The Hero ?

The vids will be on Geoff the Hero’s channel, yes. I’ll post links to them when they go live in this thread.

As for how to support our project, the only real thing you can do is watch (and maybe leave a little feedback)! Feel free to subscribe to Geoff’s youtube as well, if you like his content. I’m not one for a gigantic social media presence, personally, so you can subscribe to me on twitter and all that stuff if you want but to be perfectly honest, it’s not a priority for me. :smile:


Thanks to you @Infilament and your co-conspirators for sinking the time into more educational material.

As a community, I think we need to taboo the word “fundamentals”, because it just doesn’t mean anything anymore.

So, after your opponent blocks certain moves, such as laser sword, or double roundhouse, or close or crouching MK, or just about any light button, Jago finishes executing that move a few frames (1-3, depending on the move) before his opponent recovers from blockstun, which means you can start another move before they can. (That’s called frame advantage, or being positive on block.) If you start a sufficiently fast move quickly enough in this situation, then no matter what move they choose, their move will be stuffed out by yours because their move can’t possibly come active before yours does. (Unless they DP, which’ll win out due to invincibility – but it’s highly risky option.) By contrast, something like a wind kick will leave your opponent at frame advantage, which means it’s “their turn” to press buttons.

A frame trap is any such sequence consisting of a move that generates such frame advantage, followed by a move that uses that frame advantage to start up before any of your opponent’s moves can start up. Stringing together frame traps by using follow-ups which themselves generate frame advantage is the main form of pressure used by Jago and various other characters. Initially the frame traps themselves might scoop up openings (typically counter-hits!) because your opponent thinks it’s “their turn” to press buttons when it isn’t, but typically frame traps condition your opponent to sit still, so that you can instead opt for a throw or an overhead or something else your opponent might not see coming, without worrying about them stuffing you out of it.

Since frame traps are basically what Jago does (his pokes aren’t incredible, his fireballs aren’t much of a threat to most opponents, he doesn’t have an insane mixup game or a zoning game to speak of), I think frame trapping is pretty essential for Jago.

EDIT: also sorry for the derail! :frowning:


Then yes. I do that.

Back on Topic:

@Infilament Is there a schedule when we can expect videos to be out? Or will it be on a “When it’s done” schedule?

Hoping for every Monday. Maybe we’ll take a few weeks off here and there (around Christmas probably), or if some of us are super busy. Barring any huge problems, we’re planning to have our first video on Monday.

We were thinking about trying to get all the characters done before S3 comes out, but for many reasons this may not happen (it also may not be the best use of our time). We’ll see!


I look forward to watching these, hopefully they’re going to be accessible to as many people as possible. Regardless if they are or not, I wish you the best getting these out there. The more tutorials there are, the easier it’ll be for people to be nowhere near as cheap/frustrating (unless, of course, we’re talking Frame Traps :))

Informative content, can’t put up with the “funny voice.”

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Im speaking of all high level Jago players…not just you in particular. I dont have to much trouble against your shadow… but there are some out there that really have the traps down

Agreed…same issue with me… Id rather it just be informative and less funny voice.

As much as I like the “demo” of sorts, I must say that for those who would be unfamiliar to the game and have low or no vision, this video would be slightly less helpful due to the fact that you don’t state the situations it works with (that you demonstrate). Other than that, it’s an interesting style.

with all my hart i say thank u for this speed tuto over sadira . thank u thank thank u i dont know how to say it