Killer Insight: Richard Thiher

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Great interview!

May I suggest adding @SightlessKombat to the list. He may not be a pro, but he’s a damn good player, with a unique perspective.

It’s actually on the cards, but I can’t say exactly when it’ll happen or when it’ll be up.

Glad to see so many people are interested in my perspective.


I like this guy… was bummed to see him loose at KIT and get tea bagged by I think it was the Jago with the big glasses… dont care to remember his name. I cant stand someone to disrespect a person that has put so much into the community. Anyway…what a great interview… I look forward to these every week.

Often times, the players playing on stage have been competing in KI together for years now. They are playful with eachother, and very rarely mean any disrespect.

Relax. Don’t take it so personally.

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