Killer Insight Request - Design Information

This might be the wrong place for this thread, but I think this might be correct.

If you guys are looking for ideas for future Killer Insight posts, I would love to have one which could give us a peek at how you guys and girls go about coming up with both the the visual design and movelist for Killer Instinct characters. How do you determine which tropes (robot, ninja, alien, skeleton) fit into the game, and what combination of traditional moves (fireball, DP, command grabs) will fit the game and character concept best?

A lot of fans (myself included) have spent a lot of time making suggestions of our own ideas, but I’d love to know a little bit of the process you guys go through which ends up producing a successful character.

@GoogleMyName tagging you since you’re the one who posts the Insight threads, I don’t know whether you actually have anything to do with deciding the topic though!


Man a true behind the scenes from start to finish of a season would be amazing! The behind the scenes of the Sounds of KI was cool…but I want more!

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