Killer Insight: Kzero

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Another great interview! Such passion! I’m really excited for this website he mentioned is in progress, sounds really awesome!

great to see these interviews, as a huge fan of KI, it’s great to learn about the other community members, perhaps we could have some pics of the memorabilia, where applicable and a pic of the person being interviewed, just a thought. Keep up the great work!!!

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That was awesome… Kzero you da man!!! Glad you will be able to go to the World Cup, we will have to kick it! KILLER collection by the way! Truly EPIC.

You hear that IG and MS, now you have to put in a vampire character. Just DO IT!

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Definitely! Thanks for the love everyone. It was an honor <3

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An attract mode is actually a surprisingly good idea. Not on any of the selectable menus, but on the main menu before you hit start (I’m pretty sure you can back out to this once you go to the main menu, right?). Would be cool to see!

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Yea I’ve seen people suggest the idea before, and I’ve always really agreed with it. Hopefully they can include something like this once all the season 3 characters get released maybe?

It could be done before the ‘Checking DLC’ screen, or even at the Main Menu. Pretty sure most, if not all, FGs have this mode. We already have the one at the end of Story mode, just doing that on random stages would be… err killer.

Now that’s what I called a HARDCORE/DIE-HARD fan of Killer Instinct and overall of the KI series :smile: :sunglasses: