Killer Insight: KI EVO Champion Rico Suave

Discuss this week’s Killer Insight interview with Johnathan “Rico Suave” De Leon:

Read the interview here:



Watching this dude play is always a pleasure. Excited to see him @ KI World Cup!

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His name is Jonathon? No wonder he likes the name Rico instead.

Congrats Rico! Fulgore needed a tourney win

Was anyone really expecting Gutter to win… I mean … it’s fulgore…

Lol hey man… :joy:

Crazier stuff happened that day like Sleep knocking out MyGod. Still, Rico played that match very well and proved that Fulgore is nothing short of great despite his nerfs. Maybe next year Gutter will take it though. I don’t think Rico has a back-to-back.

Rico might not have a back to back, but I’m sure fulgore does. At least in that match up lol.