Killer Insight: Diamond "xopinkdiamondxo" Freeland

Discuss the interview which you can read here:


Shes cool!

its gonna be SO fun to bang her Maya up with Kim Wu though :wink:


Lmaooo oh really. Bring it on!!!


Pink Diamond is an amazing player! Glad to see her getting noticed. :smile:

I wish the interview was longer though. :confused:


It was fun watching you @ EVO @xoPINKDIAMONDxo!

Looking forward to seeing how you develop in the near future :smile:

Praying to god I don’t have to face you in my next 8BBD…

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Lmao I’m sorry guys. Lol

Remember what I said in the interview? Don’t be nervous to play or you gonna loose. Everyone can be beaten​:wink::wink::wink:


Haha, I’m not blaming anyone

Also, thanks for dropping in! :smile: I hope your Kombo Klash Online training is going well.

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I haven’t been on lately I got the whole Saturday to train

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Good luck! :smile:

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Nice article!

Btw, is that photo real? Because Bass isn’t in it, lol.

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Honestly I think filthierich threw the match. Glad to know she wants eyedol to come back though.

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Good interview! I don’t know about the nervous thing. If I went to a Tourney and @xoPINKDIAMONDxo was sitting next to me, about to do battle with me, I’d be super nervous. And I’m not good with Beautiful women, So I’d be a nervous wreck. Along with tournament anxiety, I’d probably die because my nerves were shot. LOL


Pretty cool. I don’t think MS will suddenly change their mind about Eyedol because of that comment though.

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Lmao u are funny

Not as funny as his gifs

@TheNinjaOstrich waiting for that gif, bro

This is how I’d be like IRL:

Here you go @BoJima404. :slight_smile:



Who’s your favorite male character and which newcomer do you like the best?

Diamond Is My Favorite Maya Player.

@Fnrslvr its over for the Dimond haha. Once Kim Wu comes she will show Maya what a Titan slayer is capable of haha

@xoPINKDIAMONDxo you better add :smile: its gonna be on like two rabbod honey badgers haha

Great interview should have been longer thats true. Its always nice to hear and learn from female players. Im sure there is much to learn about them like what they like and how they find the community.

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