Killer Insight: Dayton Jones

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Good read. Sounds like he’s got a good head on his shoulders! It’s really cool that his family is supportive of his FG endeavors.

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Dayton has very good, solid gameplay. I’m glad that he can fight and continue to play KI regardless of his disability. I’ve gotten to talk to him on Twitch, and he seems like a very kindhearted guy. Good Interview guys!

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Dayton is one of the pillars of this community. Not only being a fantastic person and great player, he’s helped so many folks via volunteering, donating, subscribing, promoting, and participating. Excellent read and very well deserved. Baeton <3

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I love this one!

He comes across ao so well! What a hero!

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Great interview! Really happy to see these and their stories!

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Is being a tournament-level player a requisite to being featured? I only ask because it certainly seems that way…

People that have contributed to the KI Community for the better. But something big, Like Infil’s Guide, or Dayton, who is a AMAZING dude to talk with. One of the biggest hearts in our Community, and does everything he can to support KI. Now, personally, I don’t see any of us normal folk to be in an interview, but who knows? I don’t run it. :smile:

Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind being selected, @GoogleMyName:kissing_heart:

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Nice interview, DaytonJ is incredible. :smile:

I hope he can make it out to the KI World Cup, especially since he’s pretty well embedded in the points standings and would make an impact at the event for sure.

I dunno, I’d imagine they go for people who have put blood, sweat and tears into improving the community – which tends to characterize competitive players pretty well, but also ropes in people like Infil who have put ridiculous effort into creating community resources. I don’t think haunting the forums comes close to falling within that category, and I say that as someone who has spent plenty of time haunting the forums myself.


I’ve always liked watching Dayton play, but I’ve never really gotten the chance to talk to him personally. Seems like that’s a big mistake on my part, since he seems like an awesome guy, and I’m all about meeting people who enjoy speaking positively about the game. I also didn’t know about his disability, so now I feel extra inspired!


Did Dayton say “manly”?