Killer Insight: Darnell "sleep" Waller

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He’s a great player, but man this Insight article seemed to boil down to “I’m really good at KI” and not much else. I like that previous interviewees have gone into a lot more detail or had interesting stories to tell either about their personal lives or their KI/FGC journeys. Not sure if there just weren’t a lot of good questions being asked of him, he’s not really into doing interviews like this, or a lot was edited/cut and gave us a weird result.

To be fair, I couldn’t watch the video, because I’m totally not reading this at work. So if it was more than just the Sleep v Mygod match (which I saw during the original EVO stream) I don’t have the full picture.


As someone who’s been interviewed over email before, it looks like they just emailed him the questions and they just copy pasta’d his answers. And his answers weren’t really insightful. He must be young.

The comeback match was pretty insane.

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“What did you think of everyone’s reaction afterwards?” “That I was a KI GOD” HAHAHAHA XD YOU DANG RIGHT YOU ARE!

Sleep hates fulgore! looooool

his face when fulgore got NO changes… TBH im with him on that one!

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This guy is a beast. i cant wait for him to pick up some other characters.

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