Killer Insight: Brandon Alexander

Read the full interview here with KI World Cup organizer Brandon Alexander:

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Thanks for the interview Alex!!

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Really looking forward to the World Cup! Hope I can make it!

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Brandon is the backbone of this community in many ways. I remember on the old forums, him posting pics of the arcade and telling everyone that KI was the inspiration. I remember seeing those Xtension cabs with Ultra Arcade logo and KI on the screens. In fact, yep…still have the pic

His dedication and love for this community is incredible. It was a great interview and we’re lucky to have someone like him as a pillar of this community. Thank you Brandon! Can’t wait to meet you and talk KI at the World Cup.


Great interview and a great guy! Doing things for the game lika boss!

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lol no mercy on that Riptor theme.


Best line from that interview, IMO:

Well because it’s the BEST. KI and its community deserve it. Fulgore.


Man… you’re the MAN! I’m so said my Italian fellow ITA Master won’t make it to KI W CUP:( Our scene is too small to get people sponsored:(

Anyway, thank you very much for everything you do man!


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I absolutely agree!

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It’s a great interview. One of the striking things is that we are so used to negativity these days, so it’s just cool to hear someone say “I’m supporting this game because I love it and I want to do something cool.”

I am pretty far removed from the tournament scene. I haven’t even been able to participate in an 8-bit beat down, (although I went 1:1 in a MLG open event online one time). But Brandon is the kind of ambassador for the scene that makes me happy to fork over some support for the community fund.

I’m stuck at a horrendous work event all through the KI cup, but I will try to watch as much of the stream coverage as I can. I have no doubt it’s going to be a run away success. Kudos to Brandon and all the best for Ultra Arcade.

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love this one!

hes AWSOME! Spawn tho… unfollows on twitter and you can send back that rare pin! HAHAHAH


brillant role model and the support we need in the KI comunity

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@CRIS178 EVERYONE HATES IT! lol i dont hate it but its got NO personality for me!

i think for season 3 it should be re done with a toggle option on the menu!

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Thank you all for your kind words!! <3


Big ups, Brandon.

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Brandon is literally the best. I don’t love him enough to defect from team white socks, but I love him juuuuust a little bit under that.

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Holy sheet!!! Look at all that…$$$$$…that is some very expensive equipment set up in this pic! That is a major achievement to be able to get that set up and make it a sustainable business.
Im blown away

Thanks so much for starting AND organizing the very first-ever KI World Cup, Brandon. Very much appreciated too :smiley: :sunglasses:

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