Killer Hour Broadcast Schedule (Twitch Stream)

Like the title says, I have started streaming on twitch. I likely wont be doing it a ton, but I consider myself pretty good at KI (if I’m playing nothing else I’m usually in the top 200-100).

I plan to use my favorite characters mostly (Aganos, Omen, Shadow Jago) but I will try to switch it around and get a good mix of the cast in. It will also chronicle my learning process of Orchid (who I’m not all that good with) as I try to get her to level 50.
There will not be any commentary for now and I’m not sure when the first stream will start, but let me know if anyone will have interest in this.

Cool, l will check out your channel…

Alright, I plan to have a one to two hour long stream today at 1 Pm EST under the title "Killer Hour"
This will be my first stream, so I’ll try to keep the tactics varied & there will be no commentary.

Here is a link to the channel

After that, I wont be able to stream again probably until Tuesday. I’ll let you all know what ends up happening

I’ve just created a Twitch Channel myself…

I’ll check your stream out when you’re live =D

Hello, I will be having another stream today around 6:00 pm EST (about 2.5 hours from the time of this post) if anyone is interested. It will be about an hour long with no commentary and I will be messing around with mostly the lesser seen characters like Aganos and Omen.

Feel free to tune in, the link to the stream should still be in this thread

Due to timezone differences I haven’t been able to tune in. Usually it’s early mornings for me. Still hoping to join someday soon.

I will be streaming S3 KI tonight around 7pm EST (4pm PST) or in about 3 hours from this post.

I will be using Kan Ra, Aganos, and Omen. If you have any suggestions, feel free to list them before the stream starts.

Tune in if you like

Stream is up, stop by if you please.

Streaming now… Kan Ra… Orchid…More-chid… I dunno…
… twitch.

I could use some advice. I tried more commentary in my most recent stream, and I would love some feedback. Should I be commentating, is the commentary good? let me know.

Will be streaming today in about 4 hours (12pm EST) and I will be doing something odd. I will go into ranked and choose my character randomly, hi-jinks are sure to follow.

Will be streaming today at 10am EST (about 2 hours from this post). Going back into ranked on random select, wish me luck and tune in.