Killer Combo Mixtape - Track List and Lyrics

Track 1.
F3 Sleep

Title name by: Young Bo West (originally U A Sleep)
Lyrics by: Rotendo

[Intro instrumental]

I’m the Evo Champ, S - L - Double E - P
Not many killers out there as diverse as me

Only one cat, which that compares
Running Season 2 giving ya’ll nightmares

Another Evo Champ
He sports a fade
90 kilograms of mass
He’s Rico Suave

Listen up, settle down, I’m here to tell
I’m here to take the crown, I’m here to give you Ls

I’ve mastered Aria, the trappler,and Glay-cius
Then Arbiter, and The Lord to win the championship

I’m the best
No contest
They call me Hollywood
Before you step to me, you better ‘git gud’

There is it, there it goes
Go on and get at it

The D. Waller
Peace out
Shoutout to Flipsid3 Tactics


I was at work when I read and saw the ‘mixtape’ cover album someone created on the FB group page. People began listing tracks with names and I figured I try to at least contribute to it by throwing in a little lyrics to them. lol
I hope you liked it. There was totally random and on the spot at work and had to write it down before I forgot it.

Feel free to come up with your own!

  • Rotendo


I wish this was so real. I’d buy some lol