Kilgore's ultimate is pretty funny

Now I like his ultimate way better then TJ’s but I couldn’t stop laughing at it. It’s the way he holds Maya and the missile is coming towards her then he falls down and gets up but he sits instead I found it enjoyable.


Reminds me of Cyber Sub-Zero’s Fatality from Mortal Kombat 9, except in this one has nice twist to it since he puts himself back together lol.

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I don’t know if this is obvious or not, but missile Kilgore launches is heat seeking, that is why he hugs opponent and heats up his guns.


Heating his guns was pretty brutal too.

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I like his Ultimate!
I wish the victim’s face was more animated during the hold, instead of calmly watching a rocket come at them (she looks so comfortable in his arms haha), but otherwise good stuff IG & MS!


I believe faces animations will depend on character.

This one’s really cool.

Wanna see Kim’s face and Orchids.

Yes of course, obviously different characters have different faces and animations. I just felt Maya’s was severely lacking emotion.

It could be better, but she does do an “OH ****!” face once she realizes the missile is still coming at them.

This is my favourite so far and I don’t even own/play Kilgore! But I feel the over the top silliness is just the tonic KI needed to bring it back to the levels of ridiculousness there were in the original titles. I can’t wait for Mira’s face during this, considering how amusing her expression is during Maya’s Ultimate, pure cross-eyed terror!

Can’t wait to see tusks face and yeah it’s great they are going silly.

Kilgore is probably the closest thing to man she’s had. Lol, I just couldn’t resist.

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle derp bot, though?


Not me… But it still counts if you wanna spar with him and call him bruh. (Sheepishly raises hand) would it be cool if we bro fist? Kilgore complies and also broke my knuckles.

Killer Hug.

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Kilgore Ultimates Kilgore!

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I personally think derpbots ultimate is the best ultimate in the game at the moment imho

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That was probably the best directed one as far as cinematics. Only 2 complaints. Put some fear on the opponents face, and find another way to end the ultimates other than just zooming in on the character. Best one for me.

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“I’m sorry friend, I have to do this. Fwreeeep”
“It’s okay beepboop buddy. At least we’ll go together.”
“I love you, bwubwub brother.”
“Well always be friends fore-BWAAAH.”