Kilgore's music is in the game

You can choose it in the stage select



And he’s coming in 2 weeks…


Accesories and colors?

Pretty please?

Nah can’t see that yet. But full music track is there

Is it a remix of Fulgores theme, or a brand new theme?

Totally new. I’m uploading a video… Give me a sec.

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cannot even update the game lol


it’s freaking awesome love it!

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So why not give @Tedakin’s post a like? :wink:

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wow thanks dude! I like it so far!

Ahhhh IG! You can’t have 6 rows of fighters and have 1 row with only 4 fighters.

Season 4 could go on the right.

4 bottom row characters, then 5 second row characters, 6 third row characters, etc…

Would mean we have a 10 character 4th season, but you wont hear me complain about that…

You can view colours on the character select screen. He has some pretty good ones.

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Yep, I like them. I’m looking for footage about his accessories in SL

Hmm…sounds like they ripped it out of an Iron Man movie.

He sounds like a hero, as opposed to Fulgore sounding like a villain. Cool!

Perhaps they’re taking a “Short Circuit” approach with Killgore…military robot that malfunctioned and now he’s a “good guy”.

I think I take back what I said…