Kilgore tech/strategy thread

When I was streaming I found that crouch MP is a hard knockdown. You can use it in place of his sweep in his counterbreaker combo for less than 1% damage lost.


The headbutt does a lot of damage if I saw that correctly.

More than the average heavy move by 2%. Notable, but nothing crazy.

I see. Also, stMK can be deceiving as I never expected it to hit high. Can be tricky if used in combos.

Has anyone found something batshit crazy yet? That’s what we’re all aiming for anyways, right?

Well, the consistently big damage from heated launcher ender > HKD > OTG > shadow cashout is pretty nuts.


Fun fact:

I’m going to try Kilgore excellent zoning tools in ranked!

*Gets paired with two Fulgores, one Spinal and one Hisako

Well ■■■■


So, ghetto frame stepping the startups and disjoints of M/H Missiles off of the basic-est of knockdowns (throw and sweep) I found a few interesting items:

1.)Both have a “true startup” of 38f, as the time it takes for the first projectile hitbox to appear in the center of his chest, but realistically the earliest useful hitbox does not occur until 41f. So, M.Missile has an effective startup of 41f.

2.) M.Missile does not like oki at that range. It has a silly interaction wherein the missiles explode immediately and harmlessly, but in the ruckus one little missle tilts its trajectory to fly offscreen at a very gradual u/f angle. No obvious oki usage. Mayhap out farther, needs more testing, remaining hopeful.

3.) H.Missile felt wacky, but yoooooo. It starts up in 38f and disjoints on 64f (which leaves lots of time left off of tons of his knockdowns, not just throw and sweep), but the missiles don’t make it around to the reticle until 176f!!! That is 112f, almost two full seconds, to do stuff while your missiles threaten, waiting to drop their blockstun or for you to toss a weirdly timed crossup-or-not Flip. That is a LOT of actionable time to play with.

Found that his heat c.hp goes quite a bit farther than the heat s.hp. his meter gain from doing l. Missiles and c. Hp is pretty crazy. 4-5 times builds a bar.

I think the way is he is suppose to be played is both as a zoner and rushdown. Given that the instant he gets heated metal ball becomes safe.

However. The fact that he only has 2 lows with one being a sweep is terrible. That’s not to mention his inability to chip off his st. Hp, jumping hp, or c. Hp. It really kills his zoning. As it stands anyone who knows kilgores moves just have to block high.

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I got some nice juggles off overheat throw with 1/2bars 30-50%, that are 1 or 2 chance breaks. Including a 50% 1 chance that ends with ender ender that doesn’t seem to be breakable…Well I can’t break it in the lab. I will put them together in a vid and put it up sometime later.


Someone link me a vid of comboing missiles off of otg l. Guns. Can’t seem to get it to work.

Here’s the 1 chance 50%. I will post a vid with all my other juggles later.


Hmmm. 50% off a grab for 2 bars isn’t that bad. i just did a shorter version just using the shadow ball. Still got 40%. So using another bar for just 10% seems meh.

Damage isn’t that easy to come by with him though meter is, which makes it worth it imo. But yeah there are loads of diff juggles with him for as I said above 30-50% some worth the meter some not.

I think the only thing he really needs to be buffed on is his ability to chip with hp. That and make c. Mk hit low. I can’t figure out why in the world it hits high

The generally strategy that I see with him is to zone until your heated. Mostly using L. Missiles and M. Missiles for chip and hp for counter zoning. Once heated start using L. Metal ball or M. Metal ball to get in due to it now being safe.

Yeah I think that’s pretty much the strategy. I think it will evolve more though as people get better with the character to more set ups and making them safe with missiles, there is prob some really dirty stuff to be found.

Here is a vid with most the juggles I have come up with, some of aren’t worth the meter etc, but look cool :slight_smile:

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Most of his damage is gonna be coming from his grabs or heated combos. Other than that your looking about an average of 37%. Which is meh. In heated your damage goes up to at least 40%.

I’m guessing the intent is that after you heat up and hit some fire shots to stack some PD, you cash out either by rushing down with wacky ball mixups…

OR back off, then use a cooldown cancel to confirm off of a long-range gun…

OR use a cooldown cancel to punish Projectile Invulnerable moves (or I guess a jump!), which is shown here:

What sucks is that I wanted to be able to phase through the Shadow with KKK and punish, but that just won’t happen because KKK has too much recovery. You either have to spend meter on a Shadow Counter or DP to punish. What also sucks is that if you DP here (you’re guaranteed to be cooled down), your only juggle for a Shadow cashout has to go through a light normal or light DP.

What doesn’t suck as much is that with a good bait, Kilgore never has to block a projectile invulnerable Shadow. If you have those old-school reactions, you can react to the Shadow freeze and heavy DP, because it has such a long startup and moves so far forward. IF you can pull this off, you’re not bound to your level 1 spin juggle opportunities. Even at level 2 spin, it’s opened up to mediums and heavies, which gives you access to Shadow Metal Ball recaps: