Kilgore staying overheated with continued gun use?

So I’ve noticed something a little odd about Kilgore. He’ll cool down from his overheat state even with repeated chaingun usage. This leads to some rather weird situations where he’ll lose the effect mid combo or while using zoning pressure. This is beneficial for him if he’s playing gun keep away, but annoying when he loses his overheat in the middle of a heated battle.

I’d like to suggest that Kilgore maintain his overheat for as long as he keeps using the guns. This would make him more heavily momentum reliant; he could continue his overheated pressure longer, but he’d need to work harder to get back to keep away. This would also add some extra value to the Exhaust special/Ender for when he wants to get rid of the heat.
I don’t like pinging devs unless I’m quoting you, but I’d like to hear @TheKeits 's expert opinion on this potential change.

I don’t think this would work for several reasons:

-He could always have access to teleport explosion
-His metal ball could be safe most of the time
-His throw game would be better a lot more time
-Some characters would struggle against a always overheated Kilgore

Because with your suggestion, sounds easy to stay overheated forever

At the very least make the overheat status consistent. When overheated using guns will make it go away faster. At least make the overheat status a static amount of seconds.

If not at least create a meter that shows how long your over heated for and similar to tusk instinct with it takeing chunks out of the instinct meter, show how much using various moves takes chunks out of the overheat state/meter

It’s week 1, man. Little early to be suggesting balance changes.


I am with you on the gun. I think that it should not change in mid combo. It should stay in overheat until the combo ender is used, or the combo is dropped.

I don’t thunk being able to keep overheat going would be that bad. I get that he gets a little stronger, but he also looses the range game. There are also a few combos that require your spin speed to be in the middle and not in full overheat.

I do not support his guns doing chip damage of any kind.

Yeah, tagging/framing the idea with balance seems like a less than optimal decision in hindsight. I was mostly just curious as to why it worked the way it does. If he really is reverse Fulgore, I’d figure continued use of the guns would mean continued heating.
He’s still really fun to play if course, and I see potential in the future. I’ll wait and see where my curiosity/suggestions lead.

I’m unsure - what about situations where Kilgore is in overheat but wants to create space, cool down, and zone from far away? He has to rely on not using his gatling moves for a while (so, missiles and running away; can’t even shadow counter or grab or dp or self-explode), or be constantly draining meter.
As is, if he overheats then he has a meterless cooldown waiting for him no matter what moves he needs to use in the meantime. It is unfortunate to need to relax your pressure if you want to stay overheated, but you’re never locked into one mode or the other.

Edit: Oops, also forgot exhaust ender. Yeah, maybe it could work.

Self exploding is actually a lot helpful than it may seem. Even though it hurt him it hurts less than a kan ran explosion with all the utilities of it. It’s a good last ditch get away move if over heated

What I do agree with is that there should be some sort of meter tracking heat. Don’t really see a reason for that information not to be more apparent.