Kilgore returns for next new killer instinct

What if kilgore be as transforming cyborg

How about kilgore transform into tank from teeminator 3

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Good evening!
Disagreeing a little with his opinion, with all due respect, the Kilgore could have some improvement in his physical form, only as a way of differentiating himself from the current units of Fulgores and maintaining his main marks (his weapons).
The UA-CCIX unit may be considered a threat to the CEO of Ultratech during the game’s history. Like Aria, it is an independent machine with the potential to reprogram itself and improve its structure, since it can rebuild itself.
I would like to see it in a new game, with a similar appearance to the current one, and without very significant changes in its appearance. As improvements, I would like him to appear in a new game with a little more damage in his combinations, and that he, as well as his successors, have a nobler destiny during the game’s history. They do not need to be destroyed, but can be disabled, or live with new programming, aiming for the help of mankind.

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I think Kilgore and fulgore should be combined. Have him stance switch and change his arms to the machine gun ones when you enter a command.

I would like Kilgore to take a more Aganos like approach. He’s avoiding Ultratech since he is a threat to them but his body is breaking down. He has to find random scrabs so be becomes more of a mess.