Kilgore People got early

How Did u guys get EA

We didn’t get Kilgore yet… But you can choose Kilgore to be your opponent in Player vs CPU or CPU vs CPU.

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You can play him in Shadow Lords if you finish his questline.


Like use him?

Yup you can recruit him. Even get experience towards his colours and accessories

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Oooohhh And i can use him?

He’s so badass I’m using him in my play through now.

I can’t find it.

Do Shadow Lords until you get a quest called “Hot Lead.” Finish it and then you can recruit him in Shadow Lords.


You need to complete his quest chain in shadow lords. It a 4 part mission about fulgores being shot to pieces. Complete it and he’ll offer to join your team


Still dont see em.

Do you use Fulgore to get story chain?

No it’s random.

But I can’t access SL! :cry:

They found the problem It wont be out until 3.7 so they are looking for a workaround

Being able to use him in SL if he is playable early will increase how many people play SL

I got a PM from the devs about it. :slight_smile:

Played Kilgore in SL. Reminds me of Cyrax in MKIII


I have been trying to keep the world corruption down, this way I can play him as long as possible. Considering I don’t play online much, so to me it is like he has already been unlocked. :smile: I am wondering if i could unlock his mimmic before he is released. I know that i would need to find his quest 10 times to do it though.

Has anyone got the quest on more than one play though of SL mode?

I’ve been wondering this as well, I held out for as long as I could but ultimately Gargos arrived. I have done a few SL playthroughs since and have not seen the questline reappear yet. I hope it does, because he is addictive to play, and I’m jonesin

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