Kilgore not playable (steam version)

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This is the second time I buy the game because of similar bugs !!! I thought buying it on steam will solve all problems.

Kilgore is locked and unplayable for me on Steam version. I can confirm others are complaining from same issue on steam forums.

I think I identified what’s causing the issue, so it will be easier for devs to solve.

Some reported that it was solved by verifying files integrity n Steam, which downloaded for them some missing files, this did not work for me, but I checked a folder called “PAK” in the game local files, and I found files with the names of all characters, excluding Kilgore, so I think missing files are causing the issue.


kilgore playble for me i just test it. please verify game folders on steam. (im using windows 10)


Verified files 3 times, still locked and unplayable. I’m using win10 with creators update.


im using win10 1607 version i think i dont have creators update.


Thanks for flagging this. I sent you a DM with questions.


Many people have the same problem. You can always charge back, Item not as described, and they havent fixed it yet so… yup, Chargeback no problem


I have a similar problem but with shin hisako, but in Xbox One. Also no restart the dairy rewards.