Kilgore is basically Shadow Fulgore

So people have been waiting for wanting Shadow Orchid, a clone yet darker Orchid. But it’s unexpected we ACTUALLY get another clone that’s not what we expected, we get Shadow Fulgore but as a whole different character as Kilgore in similar situation to Omen. Since all the animations is very identical and practically the same, i doubt that the last 2 unrevealed fighter would be new or a clone character.

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I’ve got a strong feeling that both of the next two will be clones.


lol just wait for shadow orchid :smirk: i can’t wait anymore i need her now :wink:

As long as the playstyle archetypes aren’t what’s cloned, I’m good.


I bet one of them is the brand new char, the samurai that uses the katana Imbued with one of the missing guardians.

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Somebody else pointed out, I don’t remember who, that Kilgore is actually pre-transformation Cinder. Obviously not entirely, but if you think about it, the things he has would suit PT-Cinder’s possible archetype.
In that same vein, I would like them to use rushdown Glacius for Shadow Orchid. I think it would be nice, but maybe too similar to Orchid’s style?

Seeing the results of the survey Joanna Dark are heading this way as a gun-kata.

I think Joanna Dark and some other clone or alternate existing character will be next. But IG seem to be full of surprises lately.

Season 3, The Guest Character Invasion.

“Season 4”, The Attack of the Clones.


I mean after playing Kilgore all day he really doesn’t feel like a clone to be at all. I actually like him more than fulgore. He reminds me of triborg more then fulgore.

so it seems season 4 is to be annouced very soon and we’re getting 3 characters at lauch and 3 other each month.

I am sure that the IG, further characterize before its official release.

I agree that Kilgore was a bit of a rip off. but if you think about it fulgore is basically a shadow of jago, but can teleport. Think about that. I hope if Shadow Orchid does exist, then she kicks everyones ■■■.

They’d better not. We want original characters, not cheap knockoffs of existing characters. @rukizzel @TempusChaoti @Oxygen

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Well let’s not make demands here like we are entitled to something when in fact they don’t owe us jack diddly squat, also please refrain from using “we” because if you’re implying we as the whole community then you’re sorely mistaken. The remix “clone” characters that we do have already are badass and with the addition of Kilgore it only cements my opinion on them. I for one cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

Season 5 ultratech strikes back

Have you guys played Kilgore yet? He doesn’t feel like a rip off or a clone at all he actually reminds me of triborg from MK but better. He plays a lot differently and his new moves and combos are so sick! I absolutely love him!
I also think eagle would be perfect if he has some of thunders moves but also has fulgores blades but more like a gauntlet like shredder wears!

How would that go?

How so? Do you mean he plays like Sektor? Or Cyrax? Or Smoke? Or Cyber Sub-Zero?
Because Triborg as a character is not really a character. He is merely a placeholder for us players to be able to play as one of those four characters mentioned above. You don’t play as Triborg, you play as either of those four, but through Triborg.

So… which one is it?

Fulgore/kilgore are the sektor/cyrax of KI

I think eagle wouldnt fight anything like thunder in that fulgore is supposed to be using his mind / move set.