Kilgore Community Fund

I was going to post this in a exsisting thread but it seems all threads based on this topic has been locked so I guess I have to make a new thread. Anyway Kilgore I understand he is $10 because you are payinng for him and the community fund but my promblem with that is what the comunity fund is for, Tournaments. I personally have no interest in Tournament. I can not go to them because of where there located, there boring for me to watch and really only the hard core fans go to them so I have no interest in supporting them so I dont want to pay exstra cash for a single charater which may I add is treated like a BONUS CHARACTE and not a full character to support a fund that does not benefit my K.I exspeance. lf the fund was in support to add aditinal content to the game then I may be enclined to be okay with the fund how ever it looks like the fund is more to reward winner’s of the K.I Tournaments and I would rather give my exstra Money Im spending on Kilgore to the Killer Instinct game to make it better and not to some guys who win at who is a better K.I player contest. Anyway that is my to cense to how I feel about the Kilgore Community Fund.


Well that is what the other $5 goes to. And don’t forget that some of these tournaments are online tournaments that we can participate in and those that aren’t are usually broadcast on twitch for our viewing pleasure. I personally don’t feel $10 is too much. I’ll just skip going out to eat one day. :slight_smile:


Its a lot yeah, but i don’t see it to fund the KI tournaments, I see it as a support for IG and hope this way IG can keep up working on expanding this awesome game. With some more seasons. I am just a casual player, never play ranked, but i still buy Kilgore to support my favorite fighting game that i waited 15 YEARS for to play afther the Nintendo KI games.

Fight on.


(complete sentence)

Even if competing in tournaments isn’t your cup of tea, you still have a chance to help support KI and the scene in an amazing way.

I believe a lot of people did not read that quote and got seriously heated for no reason. I don’t see a real point in not supporting the game that people really enjoy just because they don’t feel their not getting more out of paying for one character.

We’re being recognized as a community for goodness sake. Do we want Street Fighter to fill up tourney spots all year long or do we want Killer Instinct to have a chance at have a real legacy instead?


I bought season 1,2 and 3 separately when they were released. How much more money do they expect me to pay for this game?


There’s a huge gulf between people who care about this and people who don’t. I’m not sure why so many of the folks interested in offline tournaments can’t understand that some people just don’t care about that - but still love the game. If you play KI on your couch with your buddies you may never have heard of EVO let alone care how many tournament entries SF V gets. KI has a legacy. The offline tournament scene is one facet of the game’s community (and that’s great) but people need to remember there are lots of other facets.

I want to be generally supportive but frankly I don’t feel a sense of “community” with offline tournament players. I’ve never been to one and although it all seems very cool it’s unlikely I will ever get to one (unless @ItzTymeToDul gets around to organizing a local in my area). My KI community is the folks who post on this forum. Some of those guys participate in offline tournaments and that’s great.


I wholly understand, and largely can agree with, people’s dissatisfaction with how & why Kilgore is priced as such.

What if instead of “supporting the tournament scene” they were to have phrased it as “continued promotional support,” or somesuch - would it have been an easier pill to swallow? I get that most of us won’t actually make it out to a tourney, for whatever reason. But when was the last time you saw a KI commercial anywhere, IRL or online? I know, I know, it was a trick question - a majority of our promotional exposure comes from our presence at multi-game events and streamers. Streamers and 'net personalities tend to learn of our game because they caught it while attending an event for something else, or from other streamers, but it’s sort of a chicken-and-egg.

I think we all wish MS would pay a bit more attention and have a bit more faith in our game. Until they do, though, growing our scene via the best means we have available to us is our onus. It sucks, I guess, but it is what it is, and sorta what it’s always been.

I guess I’m just trying to say that maybe we ought not look at it like a forced donation to pad some tourney players pocket (I’m just glad the really heinous tourney players don’t win shxt any more) and more like a price-jump to help fund promotion in the upcoming year.

They maybe should have thought to bundle in KI Gold or something, though. Nobody has ever been happy to pay double for no tangible extras, so I think they should have maybe seen all this backlash coming a mile off.


I have been toying with the idea of starting a thread to kind of discuss how and why the rationale for the community fund might have been received more positively. I haven’t done it because I don’t want (yet another) “OMG $10!!” thread and I also don’t want to just create a thread to second guess MS/IG. I think probably the community fund has been received pretty positively by lots of folks too (my Twitter feed loves it). But I think there’s room for a mature discussion about why this might have rubbed some people (including me) the wrong way and how it might have been handled differently… I just haven’t been brave enough to start the thread.


If they say something like “10$, 5 of them goes for stages/new characters/new modes/more future content damm it!”, there would be 0 problem

But 5$ to promote tournaments…

It’s ok since it’s more visibility for the game(more prize pot, more people participates, more visibility). And some people like Brandon really deserves that support.

But other people who just berates about the game, a̶s̶k̶ demands balance changes because they feel X character is broken and theirs is weak, and spread false information(CB’s are broken, and that stuff) will probably get some of this community fund. Because some of these people, although toxic, are still good players.

Some of them are getting a incentive they don’t deserve

But that’s just MY opinion


I said the same thing :slight_smile: I don’t think IG/MS thought that there would be this kind of push back over Kilgore’s price. They should have priced him at 2 different points. If someone wanted to support the tournaments, then they could spend $10. If you didn’t want to do that, then you buy the $5 one.

Not trying to be a jerk, but it is not our job to help MS sell their game. Maybe they could use the advertising spot on the X1 to advertise KI, instead of Halo or Gears everyday.


It’s tough for me to argue. I don’t want to disparage all the really positive folks who participate in offline tournaments - and especially the guys who actively participate in this forum. But it would be nice to be able to make sure that the fund goes to things that help the community members that contribute positively, not just to see a big paycheck for some jerk who spends all his time trashing the game.

Just for context, Justin Wong (who I like, actually, and has not trashed the game at all as far as I know and I’m reasonably sure has signed up for KI tournaments just to boost numbers without actually playing) spent the first year of KI winning tournaments without buying an Xbox - playing the game on someone’s borrowed regular X1 controller. That’s fine by itself, but there’s something kind of bugging me about the fact that here I am, buying the box (and basically being sneered at by the overall “FGC” who was booing KI at EVO etc.), buying the game, all the content etc. and now I’m being asked to pony up some “extra” money for the community fund to buy Kilgore. Actually, the jury is still out on whether it’s “extra” money or not. It may be that the other characters will also be $10 and just not support the community fund. We still have no idea.

I know that some of this sentiment is unfair - and it’s especially unfair to the big community of “good guys” like Brandon who have been supporting the game and who I’d really like to happily support. But there’s still a big part of me that feels like I’m contributing to something that will go toward making a bunch of dismissive, elitist, undeserving jerks happy. And I would probably be happy to take the good with the bad if it felt a little more voluntary, but it does just kind of stick in my craw.

I know I said I would stop, and I’m still posting about this (when I should be working no less!). For what it’s worth, I beetled home from work last night and plonked down my $10 - so I’m probably being at least a sucker if not an outright hypocrite by complaining about it.


This will, of course, occur to everyone. But the reality is if you put up an offer like this everyone picks the cheaper one and says “well, someone else can support tournaments.” I don’t blame them for having only one option. I kind of wish they had gone the cosmetic content route, but it’s tough to argue that they aren’t going to make the most $$ for the fund doing it this way… They got my $5.


I have two suggestions on how to handle the situation appropriately for both the customers and the community fund. Both of those however require MS taking a pass on some revenue and I’m not sure if they’re willing to do that.

  1. Bundle Kilgore with $5 worth of KI Gold, sell it for $10 and give $5 to the fund
  2. Bundle all three new characters, sell them for $15 and give $5 to the fund

Actually this seems pretty obvious choice, since you can’t use gold to buy terror/gold skins or characters(which is a bummer). So it’s only for shadow lords, xp boosters or regular colors/accesories/mimic and shadow skins

KI gold should be usable to buy terror and gold skins IMO

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You could buy the retros and premium accessories as well. But yeah I agree that we should be able to buy Terror and Gold skins with it. And if not, why not use the skin money for the community fund?

You are not alone. I bought mine also. This is why I am sort of vocal about the price. I do have one real question though.

How does giving prizes/money to around 10 people support the whole community? I am not being smart, I really want to know.

Let’s be honest, some of the streamers are only supporting the game, because they are making money of donations.

NRS already did that with Thundra Sub-Zero skin, using the profits to boost pot prizes. Back then, I thought it was a good idea: a skin was cheap, non essential.

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I think there’s a group of people for whom this is self evident, and a much bigger group who are similarly confused. It’s not really clear to me what the money actually goes to when they say “supporting tournaments.” Are we buying participant t-shirts, paying the rent for venues so they can host an all night “salty suite?” Any or all of the above depending on how much money they get?

I know it’s a lot to ask for a financial spreadsheet as a prerequisite to a $5 donation, but the operating assumption is that this just goes to pot bonuses. But that may not be true at all. I know I saw mention of an app somewhere, but I don’t know what that’s about.

I know you guys get pinged for a lot of info, and there’s not a great return on getting embroiled in discussions where people are just going to yell at you because they want cheaper stuff. But @rukizzel is there a way you could point us to more information on what exactly it is we are funding? I know “support tournaments” was pretty much all we had during the Shago community fund, but because we were also supporting other benchmarks it felt like we had a better idea of what we were doing.


I’m just speculating but maybe the money attracts other FG pros who aren’t that big into KI. Some of them have a fairly large group of followers or fans who then get exposed to the game and try it for themselves. So the playerbase grows also on a more casual level.