Kicks aren't working in game

can anyone tell me why my kicks arent working in game. my a b and rt buttons work just fine. only punches work in game and i cant seem to get any kick to work even if i remap my kick button to another button. its not my controller it works just fine. its the game just not allowing me to use any kick what so ever

I swear I have this issue with my Elite Controller to the point where I just gave up on it.

All buttons function correctly except when I attempt to use the kick buttons, Hell, they even work in the menu just not in-game.

I’ve asked around and poked forums and even contacted support to find absolutely nothing. Happened ever since I replaced my bumpers.

Ever since the Aria update I can’t use the KICK trigger button (the one where it does three kicks). It hasn’t worked for years. I had to disable it or it would interrupt any and all other inputs. :frowning:

I disable it though, and everything works fine. It’s not the controller, as I’ve had several. It could be a profile issue, but then I’d lose everything again for the 5th time.

Good morning!
Around here the game is normal, but with some impediments. However, the game has several other bugs. In my case shadow data being saved as errors instead of hits in some data defense and combo. And in the KI of a friend from Chile, the Human and Record options in training mode are not working (gamertag TD breiker 115). Maybe they (@KRAKENJIMMY and @snickerdoodle ) can help you with the problem.
Here, the video at TD breiker 115 bug: