KI2 matches

Some KI2 matches we had this weekend with Kinectic DNA. ( I’m player and his is player 2 in game)

We wanted to check those game’s mechanics back. I’ve played the game for a little longer than him (maybe) but I honestly don’t rmemeber a lot of things actually since I played when I was younger ( I do remmeber the long ultra and some stuff but wasn’t reallly into it).
We don’t know frame data, we punish based on what we can see (heck, I don’t know if there’s even frame data or tiers).

I must say that even maining Wulf he (with his new Jago) give me some trouble because I’m not used to the way the played.

Things we used more and noted down regarding KI2:

*you could go opener ender and couldn’t be broken

  • you had five different ender (the 5th is a secret one)
  • you can fake some specials (like Wulf howl or Jago fireball, usually with lights)
  • you can link from overheads (back HP or HK) and you can fake overheads to bait
  • you have blockstrings that can be stopped by some characters depending on the special’s move priority (maybe they are not true blockstrings).
  • Some characters have no throw, so I couldn’t tech with Wulf or Fulgore =/

About match ups: I used to main Wulf, and for pocket I had a Fulgore (a very rusty one right one, I’m so rusty in this game, lol )
For fun in the end I tried other characters (Jago,TJ, Glacius, Orchid) that I do not have the faintest idea on how to use them XD

Overall it was fun!!. I missed the game. It could be unbalanced but the mechanics were fun, at least for me. It was an entertaining set.