KI1 Classic-Button Config

Hey everybody I recently got the KI ultra edition (yeah cause it was free) and I noticed in the KI classic the button layout is completely different from the SNES version. You know cause in the SNES and the 2013 version the buttons are assigned as Quick Punch, Medium Punch, and Heavy Punch. Or was it Fierce Punch? Anyway, the Classic version on the xbox one has a totally different name for the attack buttons. So my question is, how do I set it up to match the control scheme for the SNES version?

Kniew Harris

X is light / quick punch
Y is medium punch
RB is Fierce/ Heavy punch

A is light/ quick kick
B is medium kick
RT is Fierce/ Heavy kick

LB is 3P
LT is 3K

Make rb or rt heavy kick and lb or lt heavy punch.

I believe you can switch the button mapping to match what you want in the character select screen or options menu.

Default SNES button config didn’t have shoulder buttons set to heavy attacks but light attacks.

SNES config should be:
X = MP
A = MK
Y = FP
B = FK

I fixed it on my own…but thanks for all the help.

You know, that setup is why I have my controls set with mediums & heavies on the face buttons & lights on shoulders to this day…I’ve been using it for pretty much every 6-button fighter since the SNES KI…well, except I usually reverse QP & QK. I had just recently started putting both on RB & RT because LB is so awkward to hit & quickly I never used it…& in a game like the new KI, that’s a major hinderance.

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im still trying to figure out how you effing combo in this game lol