KI @ Xbox Press Event 2/25 - Discussion

Showcasing information about Windows 10 and Xbox One, along with information regarding Killer Instinct, Gears of War, and Quantum Break.

Also there was this little teaser yesterday by the guys…

Something tells me it was for this…


They gave a hint: were it so easy

Obviously it’s teasing Arbiter. But what else?

S3 launch date, pircing, and maybe lauch trailer.

Also, I have the feeling they are going to announce something great fo us. A surprize like “If you have both S1 and S2 ultra premium versions, S3 for free” or “if you have Halo 5, Arbiter for free”, or something like that

I think getting the Arbiter for free if you own Halo 5 is a real possibility. It would a great promotion to get Halo players to try KI.


So about one more week until some (hopefully) substantial S3 news. At least there’s a day to anticipate instead of darkness. Whatever comes in between now and the 25th is a bonus. :wink:

#News is coming!
Looks like we’ll be getting Arby and hopefully a release date. The article specifically mentions Killer Instinct, and they wouldn’t be calling us by name unless it was our time to perform!


I’m hyped out at this point. Give me news, or STFU Lol! Sorry, that is just where I’m at.

Actually the site speculates that those games could be talked about. The only real quote from MS is

“the chance to hear from Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and get hands-on with the best games and platform experiences launching this spring on Xbox and Windows 10.”

They don’t really have a ton of PC games so KI PC will probably be talked about.

Interesting. Wonder what will be shown…?

Random side note - I am going to San Francisco next week.


And Tokyo the week after?

Announces season 3 7 months ago and we’ve seen and know more about games coming out next year. A month away from launch and we’ve seen two characters and balance changes. Whoever is running your hype department needs to be fired.

But the whole point of including Arbiter is to get money from Halo fans. Giving it to them for free would mean no one would pay for anything.

Actually you know about 4 characters, seen 2 in action, a 3rd teased, 4th mentioned. There’s been a display of both the balance changes and an all-new lighting system for public consumption. Images of these newly lit characters have been sneaking their way out through various images we’ve released over the months, if you were paying attention to it.

Ignoring the obivous - Finalized release date // PC Specs // preorder options, there’s actually been a decent amount of drip fed content…and of course we still aren’t done.


Drip fed? There was a 6 month gap between character reveal trailers. Can’t say that’s a very conventional way of hyping up a fighting game. Not tryin to ■■■■■, just really anxious to see more.

Oh. As an aside, I hear there is going to be some sort of Microsoft event going on in the area at the time. Thought about showing up?

I just want the release day for PC.

The point is to get shooter/Halo fans to try a game that they would not have otherwise. The best way to do that is offer them something that they recognise for free.

You can’t get money from people if they don’t at least try the game. If they try it and like it there is far more chance of them then spending money on the game by buying another character they like the look of or buying a whole season.

I know for fact that there are people on this forum who tried Ki because season 1 was free with games with gold who probably wouldn’t have tried the game otherwise. They have then gone on to buy season 2 because they found they enjoyed the game and wanted the other character etc. Would you say that this was pointless because you didn’t get money out of them straight up front?

Point being, in order to get people to part with their cash, you first need to get people to try the game to realise they like it.


ROTR, Quantum Break, Recore, Fable Legends, Gears collection… (Strike off Recore if you mean soon, I guess?)

I think that the fact that they are waiting to show Season 3 stuff for Microsoft’s press event on the 25th is a good sign. They are sort of pitching this as a showcase of their spring lineup, which in turn seems to indicate that KI isn’t seen as a random release or add-on, but instead as part of their actual spring lineup. I think these are good signs that there is some really good stuff in store for us and KI. Anything is possible, but I hope I’m right.

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