KI World Cup tickets on sale now. Who's going?

Don’t recall seeing a post on the main forums. They just went on sale on the 5th.

I plan on going but I need to get those days off first.

I hope they give away goodies for those who placed on the KIWC point list. Say maybe, the top 61 people? ("cough cough " 61 is me “cough cough”) :wink:

Anyways, I’m super excited to go if I can. Would be a blast to meet a lot of ya’ll, as well as getting rekt by all of ya’ll on the last chance qualifiers!


Impossible for me now, but would’ve loved too.

Would be nice but there’s no way I could afford to right now.

I’ll wait until we see the Evo announcement. No KI means world cup, yes KI means Evo.

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I’m going to both. Would like to see you.

So when is KI cup starting?

Just bought my tickets wouldn’t miss this for the world. Hope everyone can go. The more people that show up the better it does for KI as a whole for everyone.

I’m doing the math trying to figure it out. It would be fun to go, it is just the time off of work that would murder my wallet.

Current plan is to go and stay with @awholio

KIWC starts March 10th, and ends on the 12th.

I want to go. I hope I can go. I just need to scrape together the cash to grab a hotel and some food in addition to the ticket (and of course, getting to Texas…)

Most definitely planning on going! Gonna sign up for the last chance qualifier too!:grin:

I would love to go… But sadly, life is happening :sweat_smile:

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